Filthy assault on sinless Zainab Case

A heinous unmannered act occurred in Kasur that shaken whole Pakistan by its cruelty. Muhammad Amin Ansari victim’s father who got out for her daughter murder besides her sexual assault and plea from the government of Pakistan to stop such brutality and run campaign across the country against these kind of byword acts happening across the whole nation though large number of such type cases are there in our societies; it’s not only Muhammad Amin’s daughter but one among every sex  Pakistani societies real hidden stories that went silent due to families esteem and their respect in their societies. A rewarding step Taken by victim’s father who submitted his daughter’s case. Zainab dead body was found from garbage and when her body was investigated, she found raped and killed by Imran Ali, who’s CCTV was proven. Imran Ali was sentenced to death penalty, one life term, a seven-year jail term and Rs: 3.2 million in fines.

The following case occurred in a specific geography under the sphere of Lahore, Kasur, it’s been agreed as heinous act for the whole country and as well as the world that broadcasted in worlds famous new channels. Hopefully it coined protest across Pakistan to threaten people and aware of these kind of acts that damages harmonic way of living, threatening families to not send their children and are against religious and societal norms. Campaigns started from Kasur that slowly and gradually reached to every corner across Pakistan. Local and as well as national level media channels covered the case cautiously that run for the quite time aware people against such kind of acts. Education system affiliated spreading awareness for all under age students in schools that stared from Kasur later on across Pakistan.

Societal institutions and religious civility behavior

All religious masques and madrasas similarly academic institutions took significant steps to aware their students about such cases as Zainab remained a victim. It was a better forward action to aware in madrasas as well, where numbers of victims in every society are similar to Zainab case despite murder sexual assault happening with under age boys as well. Across the whole Pakistan there are thousands of masques, madrasas registered and unregistered where lies number of sexual victims that need also to be pointed out by the whole world nation states significantly in this flow Pakistani media and different civil active clutches, individuals and civil societies. Similar cases or harsher instances occurs in Lugar province of Afghanistan, were number of sexual victims in only one school that were assaulted by the school principle who routinely behaved same manner of inhumane with school students. Yet, it was not the first case that occurred in Afghanistan, but many cases filed and thrown to the corners of government’s investigation offices that occurred denied and forgot. Same likeminded as Imran Ali might raise across Afghanistan society, if one thinks critically of the consequences as it is overt in Imran Ali case who himself was raped in his childhood. Additionally, Imran Ali, himself was a sexual victim, who correspondingly preferred to act similar manner, but there are Theoretical obstructs for the same consequences; if civil societies presence is assured though not completely but for sure will decrease the ratio of similar case whether micro level or macro, small or immense gatherings to aware and educate people. Coming back to Zainab case, that started number of television talk shows and news headlines which helped to aware people in Pakistan specifically in Kasur, 41 kilometers near to central Lahore of Pakistan. By observation of the Zainab case question raises that:

  1. Do civil societies or students union really plays an important role in societal change. Or, are student unions really civic population of the country to change/aware societies?

Civil societies across the globe work despite earnings and any income whether economically or politically, works for the righteous right of one individual person, society, state or the whole world such examples are there of Aga khan working across the whole world or WFP distributing food for all those who are poor enough and are unable due to political turmoil or economical deficit in their realms. so civil societies, if we look at Zainab’s case, civil society did play significance role to aware people from an only spouse, both Muhammad Amin and Nusrat Amin voice to the nation by the help of free media and civil societies including masques and madrasas at particular case are aware of the heinous act of Imran Ali if not whole Pakistan but Kasur population without any distrust.

Institutions, Universities, and student unions started chanting to aware societies

Across the whole Pakistani academy’s students, universities student unions and many other societies that are struggling to aware people without any cast as did occurred in Quaid I Azam University in Islamabad which was covered by news channels, broadcasted across the whole Pakistan. Strangely, madrasas religious teachings also participated in different areas of the country chanted for right and plead their voices to change curriculums or add awareness to it. Another example can also be counted that occurred in front of PC hotel when number of students came and spoke about raising Zainab innocent case, rose many other case and it is now obvious that all schools now came to realize that to aware people. To mess with others than their own family members of any of their families.

 It is been fascinating that, all civil societies specially student unions most of the time are genuinely acting as civil societies that come to front as Mardan University case of Mashal Khan’s death. Including Mardan University, all universities chanted voices to stop tabooing university students. Not only Pakistan’s case but also worldwide cases such as china’s Tiananmen square protest chants against race, color or women rights are always coined by students whether religious influence or institutionalized but still are students union and are well enough refined than the majority of the world population well product to bring change in any kind of policy or any action that for the first time occurs and is considered poisonous for the societies across the globe. Hong Kong students for independence is obvious example who have been onto streets to get their own legitimate right to entertain free without subduing to China’s main land and we see, It is most of the time students faculty or unions who raises their voices for change in a society whether societal or national level.

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