Saunter in Search for Matriarchal Outlook”

In 21st Century We are still in a idiosyncratic belief or let me be more clearly sound this. We are still in a delusion of establishing a matriarchal society.

On our motherland,fathers are ruling a theatre which is something double-edge and thats what something we are not responsible of.


Stop blaming a men! Readers.Infact Men are the followers of their ancestry lines Aren’t they? Remember the time of Mahabharatha or Ramayana where all the men were meant for ruling,war and Political parlour or den and women were meant for doting their kids and to please their king.Ask yourself a Question.How many children queen were having during those days and how many queens the king were having ? Moving further

The word “SWAMI” utterred by the queen for their husband brings the satirical forms of it thats brings the reflection of the King or Men dominance over their queen or Women and from there spark of imbalance light up,so thats something coming from the ages and mind you the roots of it are still alive in us.The frequent flaying over men will always be creating a milesgap between Men and Women.


That’s my boy ! ,What a girlish act it was!,Why are you behaving like a girls? Thats something frequently used in our homes or in our society which veils the blurring persipicuity over the gender where the females are meant to be molest or rape and Men are meant to be?


Do you know the famous politician The kamala D harris the senate of California ,The Britain Pm Mrs Theresa May,Indian Defence Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman,Tennis Star Serena Williams .All the great personified figures are always face their counterparts or Media racism or Sexism comments where Mrs Harris and Serena williams are always degraded for their colour,Theresa May frequently faces the sexist comments over her dress and upbringings.Are all their skills,talent or leadership are just on pages Readers?


The reservations of Women and child itself mark their weakness in the society or in the system.Check the Bus or metro if you have a doubt.The society itself a cartoonistic theatre where  women are always projected weak both physically or mentally or socially.


Businessmen or Big men always keep the secretary as female.Do you have to say anything over that? Thats not something sexism.Ask youself.


Majority of the accountant of business or other firms or schools or hospitals or banks are women Because customers find them attractive and thats something good for business.The concept of sexism itslf laid the foundation for women as just the mere sexy toy to play.


Many speaker speaks boldly about women empowerment saying that women are not weak citing an Example related to women parturition where she dominates her body pain in the whole game exemplifies the women strength.Are Men really listening them.

“The chasing of this mirage will take us to nowhere in the coming future.Men and Women may have biological differences but they are Horses of the same race”

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