Pride of Sorrow


The “Socialism” comes from the root of Society to which the evolution is attached with the passage of time but what would be the nature of evolution is the foremost consideration which is to be determined from the common behaviour of people that is prevailing in the society. The societal needs are the desires of the individual forming the part of it. The desires can be conveniently classified into progressive and regressive also it is not a new concept but it has been in continuous regulation since Ancient times and so even the derogatory practices have been declared as Custom of the society which forms the causation link between our Pride & someone’s Sorrow. Interestingly even in sacred books, the Pride is considered as the reason of one’s Sorrow due to which even any view from the other side of the coin will only create dichotomy in the mind. If we think about the forms of Pride, it has so many variations but more commonly it is about one’s caste, sex, economic situations and many as the list is not exhaustive but only illustrative.


It is also well established Law of nature that whenever a thing go beyond the certain limit, it creates the feeling of uprisement in the minds of those who are subjected to it..the same happened in Indian Society and accordingly, many social movements started by our great social thinkers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatama Gandhi, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and many more which turned out to be progressive approach however, the Independence of India gave not just the freedom from Britishers but also from the outdated practices of society particularly when the Constitution of India was Drafted where the first time basic Human Rights which is the basis of one’s existence was first emphasized, declared & protected. The most vital aspect which was missing since long was “DIGNITY” so before going on further here it would be pertinent to have a little discussion about the word “DIGNITY” as particularly this word covers very vast arena since the “Dignity” is such a valuable property which is not gifted by State but it is gift of God to the newly born child for eternity i.e., not only till life long but even after life and therefore any Pride which have the direct link to the violation of someone’s Dignity will certainly leads to the reason of Sorrow for that other..again I would like to clear that Pride has so many variations and so any isolated pride is out of the purview of our discussion but any pride which has the direct linkage with the other’s dignified life is the subject of this blog. At his juncture, I would like to give an illustration on this that if a person who has secured a great stature in his Life will have certainly Right to have Pride but if he insults someone by referring his Pride then certainly that will affect the Dignity of that other which consequently will make him feel guilty as his life is burden and nothing else. 


As I have already mentioned the importance of Constitution particularly in consolidating the basic Human Rights of Individual in one document however the another dynamic feature about our Constitution is that it keeps on evolving with the passage of time and so since it was not practically possible to deal with every possible Rights which completes the existence of an individual though the Preamble has since its inception emphasized over the ultimate object of the Constitution that is “DIGNITY” of the individual but the same was missing from the purview of Part 3 which is actually the enforceable part in case of any violation of Rights mentioned therein. Article 21 does not expressly uses the word “Dignity” but the Supreme Court had through its various decisions in past namely through Maneka Gandhi V. UOI (1978 SC) had declared that Right to Life means Right to have Dignified Life & and not merely an Artificial life.


Conclusively, the said illustration was just in respect of one aspect which could be with respect to many other aspects. If we think keenly over this as in present scenario, we are witnessing so many examples of suicides which is nothing but a clear manifestation of ignorance about this very important issue of society which is greatly prevailing near around us. In common Parlance the people are moving more towards depressed life than a happier life which is showing us the mirror that our selective Pride has become the reason of Sorrow for the other as well as for oneself also.

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