Financial Misconduct in Pakistan

Financial misconduct also known as corruption has become order of the day in Pakistan. According to current statistics released by Transparency International, an international organization for combating global corruption, Pakistan ranked 117 out of 180 countries. According to Transparency International this pathetic situation is due to negligence of the government as government is not paying proper heed to this issue.

Corruption has always been a matter of concern for Pakistan. Although there are various institutions like FIA and NAB to combat corruption but to be very honest these institutions are not working properly. This is due to the political  interference in these institutions. So, the cancer of corruption is eating up every institution day by day and the economy of the country is at the verge of destruction.

To eradicate corruption it is the need of the hour to change the mindset of people. We need to persuade people that money is just a need for living and not the ultimate goal of life. In the past many campaigns were launched against corruption but they failed to achieve the objective. We have laws against corruption but unfortunately lack of implementation.

The involvement of politicians in this kind of financial misconducts is the root cause of corruption in Pakistan. The recent Panama case is enough to open the eyes of Pakistani’s as their elected prime minister and finance minister were involved in corruption. A country whose  prime minister and finance minister are involved in corruption is definitely at the mercy of Allah Almighty.

It is now mandatory that we should take final steps against corruption. Otherwise situation will aggravate . Our economy is at the verge of destruction and it will collapse if proper attention is not provided to this issue. Finally it is imperative to protect the fundamental rights of every Pakistani to restore his confidence in the loyalty with the state.

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