Travel Ban

According to the legal point of view, the ban on travel is a limitation by law on exercising a right or a disallowance from making a specific move; it is a policy employed by the lawmakers to sort out the direction of individuals in specific conditions for the insurance of public or private concerns.

If there is a travel ban, either a person is prohibited to enter into the boundaries of the particular states or he/she is not allowed to fly from one state to another state unless some requirements are fulfilled. The travel ban supposes an order issued by the host state authorities to all the state’s border crossings prohibiting the concerned person from entering or leaving the country.


There are three types of travel ban: 

  1. Labour Ban
  2. Permanent ban
  3. Immigration ban
  1. Labour Ban

If a person having an employment visa, leave his job without completion of his service or an employee fails to carry out his/her duties, a ban of 6 months or one-year would be imposed by the Ministry of Labour of most of the countries upon the plea of the employer. So, a work visa will not be issued until the completion of the ban.

2. Permanent Ban

A person would be served with a permanent travel ban if he/she charged for committing any offence or felony, for example, involved in any unlawful, illegal or criminal act or absconding. There is no possibility left for such a person to go back into the country as a resident or tourist as in this digital age, no person can be passed from sight in the existence of eye scanners and biometric machines. 

3. Immigration Ban

This type of ban is a bit different from other types of bans. In the immigration ban, a person is not permitted to enter into the state at all who imposed this ban. Such a person cannot obtain either a visit visa or work visa of such country. For instance, Nationals of Israel are permanently restricted to enter into Pakistan under the immigration travel ban.  Or the ban imposed in different countries due to Coronavirus is the immigration ban.

It is advised to the people who are facing a travel ban to follow the instructions provided by the host state regarding the ban.

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