The Role and Status of Women in Pakistani Society

The role of women in Pakistani / Islamic society is actually a revelation that women are the most important part of society and society depends to a large extent on women in all aspects of life as a mother educates women. their children and makes their children a responsible person Despite having great importance, women face great difficulties in their daily lives, one of which is gender discrimination in professional and personal life, but sometimes people They forget that it is the woman who gives birth to man for women only she makes a society through their education and useless services for their children

Not only do women play a vital role in family life, but women have also become an important part of Pakistani society in professional bearers. Women still face great difficulties, but there are some examples that give strength to move forward and do something good about our country. From the example we have about Mohtharma Benazir Bhutto, she was one of the first women elected to lead a Muslim state, having twice been prime minister of Pakistan (1988-1990) and (1993-1996) she had a great political experience and her efforts for the Our nation’s survival is unforgettable as a woman, she did so many works for the prosperity of the nation. That shows the reality that women can do something much better than a man for a society and for a nation too.

The women of Pakistan are contributing enormously in their struggle for the prosperity of the nation in all fields where we see that women are working more efficiently in all fields as we expect from a man, but in large cities of Pakistan it is possible that women can Work like all men. Even today we see the media in politics. Women are more active and many educated girls want to be their professional carriers, but in the ruling areas of Pakistan the situation is completely different.

Women in the governing areas face terrible situations due to the many problems, first of all, our basic problem is that our country has been counted in underdeveloped countries and our literacy rate is very low, so it is obvious that the difficulties due to lack of education, our women and girls do not receive education and in small towns and villages families are very conservative, they do not allow their women and girls to go to school according to them. Women are made to control housing and men are responsible for household expenses the position of women in Pakistani society is taking damage as time passes, some of the problems are listed below

These are the practices that women are carrying out by force: child marriage (in the traditional language it is called (Vani), Watta satta (tribal custom in which brides are exchanged between two clans), homicide by honor (it is punishment for women), marriage with the Koran (man does this to keep the land of his sisters and daughters), throwing acid (to destroy the beauty of women).

These problems are inevitable, they do not allow women to do something great for our nation, and they compare women in big cities who are playing an efficient role. They are doing jobs and taking education from higher institutions. Their conditions are completely different from those of the village life of women

The employment level of women in employment varies according to the Muslim world; in 2005, 16% of Pakistani women were economically active, either employed or unemployed. Although Pakistanis, the employment of women varies much more than that of men. Women are playing an important role in the economy of nations. In some censuses and surveys, their contributions have been grossly underestimated.

“No nation could rise to the height of glory, unless your women are side by side with you; we are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners.”


Our religion Islam allows women to receive education and even for employment, but in our country some conservative people do not allow their women to come forward and do something for their society and country if all women in our country receive education and if Independence will become a great cause of success for a nation Women play an important role in Pakistani society if they are provided with basic services, they will change the terrible current situation of our country through their efficiency and manual work no doubt our nation It has so many working ladies who are not only directing their house society but also the economy of our countries.

The family is an institution of society, and it is essential for each institution to have order and discipline, without which it cannot function or even survive. The institution of the family is executed with mutual collaboration and the cooperation of husband and wife. The Islamic scheme for the administration of a family is that the woman must be relieved of all other responsibilities in order to concentrate on the internal discipline and stability of the family, while the man must bear the burden of meeting economic needs. The woman’s food, clothing and accommodation are among the family’s economic needs; if both spouses are accommodated, a servant or helper for domestic chores is also included in these needs.

The man has to organize the expenses of medical attention also. This is the legal position of Islam on the responsibilities of the husband. In addition, good moral conduct encouraged in Islam requires that a man treat his wife as best he can and do everything possible for his well-being and happiness.

While it is true that a woman’s home and family are her main sphere of activity, and that she has been freed from the financial burdens to give the best of her time and energy for the sustenance and growth of the family, it is not true that she has no right to do anything else, or that all avenues for economic activity have been closed. Islamic history shows that, along with the payment of their duties to family and home, Muslim women have also provided great services outside their homes. They have also participated in economic activities according to the situations in which they were found.

Women can adopt any occupation or business according to their situation and circumstances, abilities and inclinations. They can look for jobs and invest in trade, industry or agriculture. They can manage and supervise the companies in which they invest or those they own. They can even create new opportunities for themselves.

Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masud (may Allah be pleased with him) was in a financially weak position. His wife, Zainab (may Allah be pleased with her) used to spend on him. She once approached the Prophet (peace be upon him) and asked him through Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) if he could spend on her husband (in addition to the orphans she was caring for). An Ansari woman also had the same question. The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied that his was a double reward: one to maintain the good relationship and the other for charity.

Empowerment has multiple, interrelated and interdependent dimensions: economic, social, personal and political dimensions. Economic empowerment means empowering women economically by granting them their property rights. Land, financial responsibilities, adequate participation in jobs, business opportunities, etc. In the social dimensions, it means that the social status of women must be equal to that of men by avoiding all discrimination based on injustice and inequality. Consequently, it is required that women have a respectable status in society, importunity to raise their voice, fight, etc. Politically, women must have power reserving their seats in national and provincial assemblies and granting their independent right to a woman a vote. Personally, they should have equal freedom and freedom in their personal affairs, as in the case of marriage, profession, etc. In general, the empowerment of women aims to provide women with their social, economic, political and personal rights.

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