7 Tips for Moving to a New Home With Kids

A move can be a stressful time for kids. However, it is possible to minimize their anxiety by staying positive and keeping things as normal as possible. 

Have your children help sort through their belongings to identify items that they could get rid of and items that should go with them to the new home. This can be a fun way to declutter and help the family feel more organized. 

Moving is stressful enough, by getting your finances in order it will lessen the likelihood of getting overwhelmed. Knowing the difference between home insurance vs home warranty or buying just simply looking over your finances are important. 

1. Talk to Your Kids 

Children are naturally curious about their new home, but the thought of moving can also be scary. Explaining what will change and why can help ease their anxieties. 

Make it a point to visit their new school, neighborhood and community before the move, if possible. It’s a great way to get familiar with the area and help them envision their life there. 

Encourage them to participate in planning their new room or even the whole house, Glanz suggests. Allowing them to choose paint colors, furniture placement and décor can give them a sense of control over their environment. 

2. Make It Fun 

When moving to a new home with kids, it’s important to keep your routines as consistent as possible. Make sure your kids go to bed at the same time, eat the same meals and continue with any family activities that are normal for your family. 

Give your kids a chance to mark their new home with art projects or by helping with decorating and choosing paint colors. They will be happy to have a hand in making the place their own. If your kids are old enough, take them to their new school or neighborhood before you move. 

3. Get Organized 

It’s a good idea to stay consistent with family routines after the move. Kids thrive on consistency and a familiar routine will help them feel like the new home is their own. Continuing to go to bed at the same time, eat meals at the same time and do family activities will be comforting to your children. 

Block off a day to go through your kids’ rooms and do a massive purge. Set aside an area — a drawer, a section of a closet — and sort everything from art supplies to dolls to sports equipment. 

4. Get a Head Start 

If possible, try to get a head start on the move with your kids. Getting them involved with things like packing their own boxes will make them feel more confident and capable during the process.

Show your children the new house and neighborhood in advance. This can be done in-person if possible, or through virtual tours like Google Maps street view. 

Help your child make friends in the new town by arranging playdates. They can meet online, through texting or email, or even by visiting their old friends (depending on how far they live). This will give them a positive connection to the new area and make it easier for them to adjust. 

5. Have a Plan for Moving Day 

One thing that can add to the stress of moving day is not knowing how your kids or pets will behave. Try to find a plan early on for childcare or other activities so that you can focus only on the tasks at hand. 

It can also be a good idea to take your children on a visit to the new neighborhood and house before you move in. This can help them get familiar with the surroundings and will give them a sense of security that they won’t be lost in a strange place. 

6. Pack Up Early 

While adults know that moving will take a lot of time, decluttering, packing and disposing can be stressful for children. To minimize their stress and discomfort, it is best to pack things up while they are sleeping. 

Also, throw a goodbye party for your kids and their friends a week or two before you move so they aren’t saying goodbye to their friends on the day of the move. This will help them feel prepared and less overwhelmed about moving. 

Keeping their routine consistent as much as possible before, during and after the move will also help them adjust faster. 

7. Have a Goodbye Party 

A goodbye party can help kids come to terms with a move and give them something to look forward to. Encourage them to write or draw their favorite memories of the home. 

Teenagers may be especially upset about leaving friends, but it’s important to remind them they can keep in touch with old friends through social media and (depending on distance) even visit them. They can also make new connections with other students at their new school and in their neighborhood.

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