Lampard failed at Everton

Lampard entered Everton beautifully – he started with a crushing victory in the 1/16 finals of the FA Cup over Brentford with a score of 4: 1. However, fans of “taffy” gradually began to forget about optimism after this game. In the next 11 meetings, including the cup ones, the Merseysiders won only 3 wins, picked up 8 defeats. separated by 1 point. Follow the link to bet on future Everton games.

Why doesn’t it work? Benitez faced injuries to key players right at the start, forwards Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison were eliminated, the latter recovered in mid-January, but since then he has scored only 3 goals, and the number of missed chances surprises the fans. Calvert-Lewin’s situation is almost identical. Rafa’s conflict with defender Luca Dine, who eventually left for Aston Villa in the winter, also did not add positive emotions. The departure of Hames to Qatari Al Rayyan in September is now seen as a mistake, although at that time the logic was traced.

In addition, at the request of Benitez, back in the fall, the club’s management parted ways with several members of the coaching staff, who had helped build the team for years. Add to this an unequal basis of the bench, and at the time of the arrival of Lampard, we get a dilapidated team with low motivation. Over the past seasons, Everton have spent large sums on players who ended up failing to show themselves at the top level, and the lack of alternatives in defense leads to regularly conceding 2-3 goals per game.

It doesn’t hurt to visit club doctors for a sedative Lampard – in the remaining matches of the season, Everton, in addition to Watford, Crystal Palace and Brentford, will meet with Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and 2 times with Leicester. Of course, a cornered beast, also with the status of one of the legends of the Premier League, in such a situation can show fangs, but on paper everything looks quite alarming.

The current season is the 119th for the Toffees in the top division of the championship of England, this is an absolute record among all English clubs. Everton have 9 championship titles – the fourth result. In addition, the club has been playing continuously in the top flight since 1954, being one of the founding clubs of the Premier League in 1992 and one of the founding clubs of the Football League of England in 1888. To lose such a player for at least one season would be as sad as possible. “Purification” by the Championship is a painful option, but not always a working one.

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