Career Guidance : An Element Missing in our Educational Sytem

Career guidance is an element  missing in our educational system. Teachers and parents do not guide the students properly so they are unable to choose the right field of study and their career is ruined. For choosing a right field of study one should not follow trends. In our country a student who secure 90% marks consider himself fit for medical or engineering because it is a trend in our society. We must not follow trends but we should be a trend setter because if multiple people are doing something wrong  we cannot mark such thing as right.

It is a fact that in our society actors are more famous than professionals of any other field. This is because actors are by choice. It means that  their passion is their profession. When your passion is your profession your performance is enhanced. Every day, we meet a number of people who are doing high paid jobs but there are unhappy with their life. This is because the job they are doing is only source of their income and not their passion.  How ridiculous this is that people are getting leadership education for the slavery of the job.

We do not set our direction in the career. Hard work in the wrong direction gives no reward. Hard work in the right direction leads to success. We must also define our areas of interest. By defining areas of interest, I mean that some people are involved in other extracurricular activities  such as singing, sports etc. and want to adopt it as a carrier. So they must not waste their valuable and time and energy and should go for it without any hesitation.

A problem with us is that we judge a field from outside without entering the field. We see the scope of certain field and meet with our seniors in that field. So, a person who is not by choice in that field will create a confusion in our mind. We must develop two attitudes in our self. One is “Yes, I can” and the second is “How to say no?”.  We should develop Yes I can attitude towards the field of our interest and we must know how to say no to the people who are interfering in our career selection.

Also do not imitate others in field selection. Every person in this universe has its own talent. He must recognize his capabilities and should work according to his talent for a prosperous career. Do not be dependent on someone. Life is too busy now a days. No one is going to do this for you. Some people waste their time in the search of suitable conditions. Remember wait for suitable conditions is totally wastage of time.

After field selection stuck to your decision. Take some time to understand properly about the field. We are always in a state of hurry and want quick results. In the start we are unable to know much about the field. But with the passage of time we start learning. But in this period of learning we should stuck to our decision. Because a number of people are there to mislead us. Also enhance your knowledge in possible areas of life  other than your field of study in this way you will be in higher rank among the people of your field.

After success in certain career most of the people are unable to retain the success. This is because there is something missing in them. For instance, a person with less professional attitude but full character is acceptable. But a person with full personal attitude but have some character flaw is unacceptable. We should also pay back to the institutions from which we studied, to the city in which we live and to the people who contributed in our success.

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