Problems of Pharmacists In Pakistan

The world pharmacist day falls on September 25th. Pharmacists are our medical experts and we must seek their advice for better health. Pharmacists have a broad set of roles from dispensing drugs to the monitoring of patient health. The information regarding safe and effective use of medicine can only be gained from a pharmacist. Worldwide pharmacists are given more responsibilities such as prescription of medicine independently but that’s not true in Pakistan.

In Pakistan pharmacists  are not given their due rights. That’s why future of a pharmacist is always at risk in Pakistan. In Pakistan doctors are performing the job of pharmacist i.e. prescription of medicine and pharmacists are limited to  pharmacies. Pharmacists are struggling to be recognized as member of health care team for years. They are demanding status of health care provider for years but this issue is not in the priority list of Government of Pakistan.

Pharmacist are also not allowed to open separate clinic. On one hand, the number  of students in  D Pharmacy are increasing day by day and on the other hand government policies are becoming strict . This is an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible otherwise this profession is at risk of extinction in the upcoming years. World is advancing in this field and we are receding.

Number of cases are reported on daily basis in which a patient dies due to wrong medication. Those who remain alive suffer from severe disorders such as kidney disorders. Most of these cases are reported in government hospitals. In government hospitals pharmacists are mostly nonexistent. Pharmacists should be given due credit to prevent these cases from happening.

Recently, a study was conducted in Pakistan in which it was reported that half a million people die annually due to medication errors. Wrong prescription overdose of medicine and no knowledge about side effects of drugs are at the top list of the causes of these deaths. It is the time to engage pharmacists in health care system to fill the holes of the system.

My one line message on world pharmacist day 25th September 2018 is “Give them their due share they deserve it”.

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