Why Afghanistan is in Pain

Why Afghanistan is in Pain?
Life is hard and time is the toughest player to play with the life in different styles. Same is the case with Afghanistan where a lot of players still trying to play their dirty games for their own interests. Though, Afghanistan is a golden piece of land in the Asian region where people of this war torn country are continuously struggling for the freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and many more related to human rights. And their efforts couldn’t proved fruitful because different powers especially US along with her allies tried to put pressure on the masses to bear the burden of corruption and corrupt leaders. US fought a long war on terror over there for the security and peace of her own state not because of Afghanistan’s grim situation.
Unfortunately, the wave of human rights especially children and women rights violation started there just after the end of war between US and Soviet Union. The super power of the world played a hostile and great game in the region on the basis of a bogus claim that she wants to change the hard country into a peaceful and politically stable country. On the other hand the sudden decision of American administration about complete withdrawal of all forces from Afghanistan till August, 2021 is not only terrible but shocking news for the entire world. Hence, the harsh decision of the super power raised so many questions which are surely not going to be answered by Joe Biden. As onward now Afghanistan is not his priority.
US alone is not only the reason of failure of Afghanistan government and Afghan National Army. There are so many other factors which led the country into this difficult situation. Firstly, the long-term military interference and influence of international states and non state actors in the country’s domestic and regional matters. Here it is not wrong to mention one bitter fact that use of force was never the solution of Afghan National issues. Secondly, the poor leadership and corrupt government headed by Ashraf Ghani provoked more terrorism and political stability. He left the country in this catastrophic situation. He paved the way for Taliban to take the control of Kabul and other important areas without any effort. Last but not least, the political instability in this country has worsened the situation in this way that most of the people are trying to leave the country as they don’t want Taliban to run the country.
Various researchers analysts and writers all are discussing and analyzing the Afghanistan situation but no one is talking about the solution of this problem. A wise policy is not to discuss the issue but to address that issue on priority basis. This is the right time for international hub to step in and start negotiations with Taliban for cooperation. Especially the regional countries should ensure the formation of effective government political settlement with the help of Great powers. Currently, along with Pakistan, China and Russia are playing a key role for the economic, social and political development of Afghanistan. In short, world leaders should play their respective roles in order to enhance and maintain the trade and collaboration with the regional countries through peaceful Afghanistan
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