Dire Need of Good Mental Health

Dire Need of Good Mental Health

Good mental health is not only the presence of stable mood and emotional well-being. Rather, it can also protect you from all kind of psychological issues in order to live a healthy and peaceful life. It is often characterized by the ability of individuals to perform various key functions and activities in the society without any hindrance. No doubt, it is good mental health which enables person to differentiate between right and wrong, to cope with problems and enables them to make long lasting relationships with others.
Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of incidents are occurring on daily basis because of lack of impulse control, negative emotions, low mood and consistent aggressive attitudes towards each other. Most of the researches have found a linear relationship between poor mental health and traumatic incidents. Therefore the moderating role of healthy mind is pre requisite element for the growth and prosperity of the society. The incidents which occurred in a couple of month this year witnessing the dire need of psychological well being. Ostensibly, all the perpetrators of these incidents are psychological ill, they don’t have sense of responsibility and strong personalities. The regular therapeutic interventions and sessions can protect our people from their brutal attitudes. Everyone knows one’s own psychological issues and illnesses but no one bother to consult a therapist or psychologist. As they can’t tolerate societal tags such as pagal or jhala. Unfortunately, our society often treat them poorly.

Therefore, it is the right time to take actions for conducting workshops and seminars on mental health and psychological issues. The core responsibility of health authorities is to address all these issues timely. So that people can enjoy the charms of good psyche. Furthermore, the confidence level of individuals must be enhanced through awareness programs and media shows regarding benefits of good mental health. This grim situation of the society can be improved through efficient health policies and collective efforts of the mental health experts.

Andleeb Haider Malik
Clinical Psychologist
Mental Health Analyst

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