70,000 Unmarked Graves

Yes,yes,yes I am talking about valley a beautiful valley Called KASHMIR.

Some researcher says it’s about 45,000 Unmarked Graves, some says 70,000 some says over 100k.

It doesn’t matter does it? There are Graves unmarked only Allah knows how much innocent buried in same grave. Kashmiris people suffering continues there death, abduction, harassment and real and it a fact not deleted from history. What efforts put by RSS ( Hindu right wing organization aka terror for minorities) but it remains fact the use brutal force by RSS led Indian government continues.

But freedom is in the fate of Kashmiris mark my words

Kashmiri pundits so some bad thing happened to them in 19s but never use as justification of killing thousands of Kashmiris.

Now Bollywood jump in arena to try to change perception how bad are Kashmiris,brutal so called Islamic extremist to kill innocent Kashmiri pundits. Tell me one thing in Hindu majority country the kashmiri Muslim are terrorist not freedom fighter but Hindu kashmiri pundits are victims ( some actually fled the area due to massive milterize area,curfews by government). When Indian government do for Hindu pundits force them to live in refugee camps so we cover up our brutality under your name and enforce AFSPA (Armed force special power Act) to genocide Kashmiris so someone ask questions about genocide or mass grave n kashmir they just show Kashmiri pundits photo. Dirty game of cover up when you (government) want to do such type of things they created bad guys to win majority support.

Like they still have two names Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar to blame Pakistan. Other then this they don’t know anyone to held responsible think about it.

Here is few questions for Indian government and there Army.

1- When always you failed on intelligence sector instead of improving why killing Kashmiris blame Pakistan.

2- In pulwama attack held in February 2019 when you have intelligence why failed and how someone bring so much explosive materials in highly guarded (one million troops stationed in Kashmiri) Area.

3- From where JeM claim responsibility?

4- How you called terrorist they called I believe freedom fighter know where troops movement begins and route.

5-Why every incident happened near election?

If you don’t have answer you becoming rogue.

Burhan wani death in fake encounter gave birth to new indigenous freedom moment.

On article 370 it’s impact we will talk on later but my this column is in memory of those fallen humans who buried in 70,000 unmarked Graves, victims of rapes and harassment by Indian occupied forces

Pray for Kashmiris it’s over six months they are under curfew an open jail and most probably largest in world.

UNSC charter give Kashmiris rights of self-determination.

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