The Unknowns

This time the, cruel axe of “unknowns” fell on the people of Killa Saifullah district of Balochistan. On September 16, the Risaldar Major of Levies forces, Afzal Khan kakar was shot down in an incident of target killing. His assassination was by and large condemned by all communities and political leaders. Two days after the incident, three more Levies force gunmen were targeted in the Killa Saifullah city among them two died on the spot and the third man succumbed to wounds in Hospital two days later. The incidents of targeting Levies Force, who were decades ago recruited on the basis of their tribal representation, have risen highly in the following month. Three gunmen of the aforementioned Force were shot dead in the Pishin district where the incident was succeeded by a remote controlled bomb attack on the convey of Assistant Commissioner.
Following the attacks, the people of Killa Saifullah and neighbouring districts have held a number of public demonstrations and a 3 days long sit-in in the Killa Saifullah city. Political leaders and social activists from different parties and communities have joined the Set-in to sympathize with the grieving families and ensure them their support in the hour of need. In addition, protest were held in the Provincial capital Quetta, Pishin, Zhob and Ziarat districts. The protesters demanded urgent inquiry of the attacks and surety of recovery measurements for the hurt families.

It is important to note that the incidents of target killing and Tribal leaders’ assassination¬† were very rare in the Pashtun belt of Balochistan province till this year. The area remained safe and its people un-armed throughout the waves of extremism and terrorism in the country. However the circumstances have changed and the recent incidents have threatened the lives and properties of local people who no more feel safe. The occurrence of such untoward incidents in the presence of FC checkpoint inside every city and on the National Highways has raised serious questions. It is disappointing for local authorities and intelligence agencies to face constant failure in not showing any progress in this regard .

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