Wounded Afghanistan

Law and order situation has once again deteriorated as 500 people including security and media persons have lost their lives in the recent carnage across the country. A weeklong wave of terrorist attacks has targeted various big cities including Afghan capital Kabul. Ghazni remains the most hit and damaged city in ongoing battle. The terrorist groups both Taliban and ISIS have claimed responsibilities of various targets.

Whereas the Afghan national forces seem to have failed in countering terrorist activities, the militants have proven their might again. Owing to inefficient training skills, the Local security forces lack well planned strategies to carry out successful operations. Moreover, the once powerful American and Nato forces hardly appear on the battleground in as per Trump’s new South Asian policy. The two decades long lasted war, which was aim to improve the living standards of life and restore peace in the region, has exacerbated the situations. Kabul, the once safest city of the country has these days turned into a battlefield.

The recent upheavals and the militants’ control over more than fifty percent of the territory suggest the failure of ANF and American-Nato forces.  The political and security policies of the Afghan government have not ensued the public expectations. Furthermore, the American policy of fighting and engaging the militants in dialogues simultaneously leaves the policy experts flabbergasted. The failure of a superpower country plus Nato forces in stabilizing a small country like Afghanistan raises doubts in the minds of ordinary citizens. Both, Americans have absolutely failed in their mission or are not yet in a position to leave a strategically important country to their mighty opponents and Afghanistan’s selfish neighbor specifically Russia and Pakistan, are the most commonly believed perceptions in the country.

On the other hand, lack of good governance, transparency and political stability on the Afghan side add fuel to the fire. Neither they have been achieved any milestone in terms of the economy nor in planning and development. Ghani and his team, owing to the political intrigues, seem to be incompetent in convincing the Taliban for productive talks. Throughout his tenure, the President has made a little success in the reconstruction of state institutes, eradicating corruption, alleviating poverty and dispensing social justice.

Making no rashness, Afghanistan needs to work arduously on strengthening their ties with neighboring countries. Gaining their support will help Afghanistan making progress in its internal conflicts. The education sector, anomalously disregarded, needs to be looked after on urgent basis to ensure public awareness.

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