Bloodiest Phase of Afghan War

The ongoing violent upsurge of terror assaults has taken away many innocent lives in Afghanistan and pushed Afghan war in its bloodiest phase of 16 years war with anarchists and insurgents. The furious escalation in war has brought many questions in spotlight regarding the US strategy to deal with this growing conundrum. Before it, the Afghan capital was considered a safe place, however, the recent brutal attacks in Kabul have unveiled the harsh reality that the entire country is on the verge of collapse in the hands of insurgents.

The organized bombings by the insurgents in the red zones of Afghanistan have shown the strength of belligerents despite calculated and massive air strikes by the US government. It is a matter of immense distress that the Afghan Taliban and IS have taken the war into the territories of Afghan capital which will prove itself disastrous if remedial pragmatic measures are not taken timely. The insurgency has the capacity to bring heavy toll on civilian causalities if left unaddressed.

The careful analysis of the strategies of insurgents unfolded that they have taken compete reversal of their policies from taking territorial control to facing the security forces directly in nation’s capital –Afghanistan. It seems that the IS and the Afghan insurgents are in wrestle to kill many people in Afghan vicinities particularly in the capital. The sole purpose of this violence and vehemence by the anti-peace elements in Afghanistan is to undermine the Kabul administration.

There is no denying the impression that the Afghan National Army and other law maintaining agencies have improved their performance to maintain peace. However, it is also true that they are still not capable enough to confront such organized and well-equipped terror groups. Moreover, the recurrent breach of security by anti-state elements has made evident the inadequacy of law maintaining agencies.

According to many reports, Afghan Taliban are controlling around 40 % of Afghan land. Not only this, the more worrisome development unveils that IS now also maintaining vast swathes of territory in Afghanistan. The presence of IS and Afghan Taliban in the large areas of Afghanistan is responsible for the latest spike in civilian casualties which is yet another vicious development in the war-torn area.

The recent hike in terrorist attacks from Taliban side has provided impetus for increased US air-strikes which to some extent dispersed the Afghan Taliban from their strongholds in western Afghanistan. However, woefully, the US has failed to halt the ongoing insurgency that is now spread to vast areas of Afghan soil. The continued belligerency even in the winter season is the best explainer for the gravity of the violence in the war. Moreover, the weakening writ of Afghan administration is further adding fuel to the fire and extending a impetus to insurgents for their violent brutalities.

Pursuing this further, the recent skirmishes between the Taliban factions and Afghan National Army (ANA) has aroused extreme anger in Washington’s power house. The indication of enhancing and intensifying military actions in the war-ridden areas of Afghanistan is the only option left in the hands of Trump’s administration. While addressing to the members of UN Security Council in the aftermath of recent Kabul attacks, Trump clearly vowed to bring this war to an end at any cost.

Not only had this, since the entrance in the White House, Trump remained a fierce vocalist of stopping terror and chaos in the Afghanistan. However, similar statements have been issued by the various US leaders decades ago but did not achieve any success. Notwithstanding, the massive use of force to bulldoze the Taliban voices, who are committed to their staunch ideology united under one cause and most importantly they are well-equipped with guerrilla warfare techniques, cannot yield effective results.

The recent deliberation over the issue has unfolded Trump’s aggressive rhetoric towards this issue by ruling out peace talks with Talibans. Trump is blindly following his predecessor’s strategies by winning the war by military means. He must a glance to the historic events where the US has badly failed in Afghan soil despite sending 150,000 troops on ground.

Many international analysts and watchdogs are speculating regarding the increase in troops and power show in Afghanistan in upcoming days to achieve overt and covert means to win the defeated war by the callous Trump administration. Even the western allies of America who are considered to be time-tested friends of the USA are also defying Trump’s militaristic approach to deal the afghan conundrum. They are entirely in the favor of political and diplomatic solution for this exacerbating enigma, having force to harbor severe ramifications for the regain in particular and world in general.

Predictably, the spate of violence in the territories of Afghanistan has increase the pressure on Islamabad. The administration of Kabul and Washington are blaming Pakistan for providing safe heavens to militants responsible for attacks in Afghanistan. They also accuse our security agencies of the brutalities going on in Kabul. However, the flagrant challenge for Pakistan in these circumstances is cementing from Indo-Afghan nexus who are pressing the US for tougher actions against Pakistan.

It is now beyond shadow of doubt that the US administration is setting the stage for tightening the screws on Pakistan for intensifying air strikes on alleged sanctuaries of Taliban inside tribal belt of Pakistan. The practical manifestation of such evil and filthy mindset of Trump can be seen by its maneuvers to send Pakistan successfully in Gray List under the banner of Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

It can be further perceived that the US will slap military and economic sanctions on Pakistan in the future and will malign multilateral institutions to restraint Pakistan’s aid which they will be legally bound to stop after the FATF decision in the Paris. Pakistan will further face the repercussions if things not streamlined according to the US terms and conditions.

The US whims and desires behind all these deliberations can only be analyzed in his demand of “Do More” mantra. The US officials are pressurizing Pakistan to deal the Afghan Taliban especially the Haqani network with iron hand and suspend their all diplomatic, economic and military support.

Thus, such suffocating circumstances are extending a hard blow to Pakistan’s leadership as they have to face challenges are nearly equal to the events occurred after 9/11.

There is no denying the impression that USA is using Pakistan as a scapegoat for her failures in Afghanistan to wind up the already defeated war by the USA. But, the allegations on Pakistan of providing safe heavens to Haqqani network and some other factions of Taliban can also be not denied and refuted.

Therefore, not looking up to US pressure, Pakistani Civil and Military top brass need to revisit their strategy implied by covertly providing assistance to the banned outfits. It is in the national interest of Pakistan to cut off her all links with the notorious Taliban and clean them entirely from the holy land of Pakistan.




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