Modernization In KSA

Saudi prince Muhammad Bin Salman is changing the old perspective and regional culture in Saudi Arabia. Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is determined to transform Saudi Arabia in to modern state. There remains strong grevinces from certain sections of society, especially within the royal family.

The policy of prince Muhammad Bin Salman is to stabilize the social reforms with in the country. However, this change is also dissipating the Palestine cause and bringing Saudis close with Israel in order to counter Iran growing influence in the region.

The proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia has diverted the Saudis attention towards the western world. The social reforms and the modernization is though a good step towards the development of country to match the pace with the modern world.However, this regional change may lead to another conflict within the boundaries of Saudi Arabia in between extremists and young generation. Saudi prince Muhmmad Bin Salman is shaping a new dimension for the future of country which with time may lead to certain ideological changes in region and also invite some paid enemies form the west.

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