Seeking Peace In Death

When the silence gets old people find peace in death. Tragedy of Kashmir for past seven decays Is like the forgotten manuscript on the desk of United Nations of silence.

The jugular vein of Pakistan has been pressed by the non-human acts by Indian forces, forcing the Kashmiris to forget the path of freedom with their deaths. Establishment self-imposed vengeance against Muslims through shifting of Indians in Kashmir is pre-defined policy followed on same lines as of Israel occupation of Palestine. Time is not far when Kashmir the valley of Muslims be fill with Indians.

Peace in Kashmir has a political solution keeping military aside. Each day there is a war in defining friend or foe. Indian foreign policy should define some human rights on ground in their account for Kashmir.

There is no way to peace but peace is the way. For how long this silence will live, it has already an age of seventy years and yet waiting for a new hope of sunshine. Pakistan foreign stake holders should understand and make the world realize that Kashmir is the valley of humans yet been ruled by the cold-hearted state.

India is killing the humanity in Kashmir and yet should understand that the power of faith cannot be crushed through guns and bullets. World should take Kashmir as a hope of free state keeping the plea of humanity for Kashmiris. However, at present United Nations closes the chapter of humanity in Kashmir with acceptance of imposed brutal rule of one nation with puppets.

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