If You Want to Achieve It, Just Decide It

In life there are many times when we think that we could have done this, it could have been that. All the if and but game comes across your mind at some point. You think of all the problems and try to find their solution in your past. Many people whine about how they are stuck with choices and unhappy about their life. But, it’s about time that we talked about its solution. In many cases prevention is way better than cure. So, the simple solution with some hard choices is that you DECIDE ON YOUR OWN. Many of the youngsters are spoon fed and decisions are made for them. They lose their own opinion and lack confidence. But, it is never too late to stand up for yourself, for what you believe in. Just sit in solitude for sometime and ask yourself what you want and are you determined enough to get it, you would get over all your fears and then it’s a sure thing that you won’t regret whatever you do with your life afterwards.

In our society decision making is utterly neglected part of our lives. It should be taught in schools and colleges as it plays a major role in our practical life.  Parents and the elderly figures don’t consider the importance of decision making and they choose for their kids. They undoubtedly try to choose what’s best for their kids but its hard to know the definition of best. Best for a person is the thing that satisfies him/her. Satisfaction is too hard to get in life and it can be only be achieved if you decide what you want from your life, without any pressures. Parents should guide and educate their kids towards the right approach but never try to impose it. We only get one life and we should learn how to LIVE IT OUR OWN WAY without interfering in others. If you are imposing or insisting trust me YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

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