4 Facts About Vomiting that May Catch You by Surprise

We all have vomited in our life at least once or have witnessed someone throwing up. So, we think that throwing up is probably very easy to understand body problem. Your stomach churns, you feel sick, all the stomach’s content reverses back, and you throw up. That’s what we all think vomiting is all about. But just like other body issues, throwing up is not a simple thing. There is more to this phenomenon than you think you know.

Here are some secrets about vomiting that might surprise you:

Vomiting is Not as Bad as You Think:

Vomiting? Eh – disgusting! That’s how we all feel whenever we think about vomiting. After all, it feels so sickening, it tastes so awful, and it smells so unbearable. So, how on earth a thing that has everything bad can be good by any possible means? Well, logically, you might be right, but in reality, you are wrong. It might not be fun, but vomiting is not a bad thing all the time! Irrespective of how it tastes and feels, puking is basically your body’s way to get rid of toxic substances and bacteria.

Whenever something dangerous enters your body, your defence mechanism tags it harmful, and your whole body gets agitated to throw it out – in the form of vomiting. So, no matter how ‘eh’ it is, it can be your life’s saver when it is meant to remove toxins from your body.

Bacteria are not the Only Culprit:

Okay, we have talked about how toxic substances and bacteria cause our body to throw up. But bacteria and viruses are not the only culprit (oh, I mean causes) of vomiting. It can also be because of anxiety, motion sickness, intoxication (drinking alcohol or taking drugs), intense medications, etc. Besides these reasons, vomiting can also be a signal of some other body issues. Significantly, if along with vomiting, you also have blood in vomit, high fever, constant thirst, dizziness, muscle stiffness, and severe headache, then it is better to consult a doctor as soon as possible. It might be a signal of some other major issue.

You can be Phobic of Vomiting:

You might have heard about acrophobia (fear of heights), autophobia (fear of being alone), hydrophobia (fear of water) and claustrophobia (fear of closed or crowded places). But you might not know that you can also have a fear of vomiting (Emetophobia) – not an ordinary fear but a phobia.

No one likes the idea of throwing up, but emetophobia is a state where you get freaked out with the mere idea of throwing up. In fact, the thought of vomiting is more terrifying for emetophobic than the act of vomiting itself. Emetophobic cannot eat everything, anywhere and with anyone. They have set diet patterns which their mind has registered as safe, i.e. its intake will not induce them to throw up. They also have a limited social circle, especially they avoid ill people. The idea of germs is also panicking for them. And on top of that, they can have a panic attack anytime. In short, it is not a laughable matter!

It Can Kill You:

Now, this might be the most surprising thing for you, but vomiting can actually be deadly for you. There are many ways to treat vomiting that actually work. But in case your vomiting isn’t getting a break, you are throwing up continuously for more than 4 hours, without any water intake, then you might get severely dehydrated. Go to a doctor and have intravenous fluids, a delay can be deadly.

Now you know that no body problems is as simple as it seems. You should take it seriously if you want to live a healthy and happy life.

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