Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

I am sure you have seen ladies carrying very big handbags and probably wondered what they carry in there. If you happen to bump into one and her purse dropped open then you would get your answers; don’t get any ideas, haha. A lady has to be well equipped for her day. You do not want to start walking around the office borrowing essential things that you should have carried in the first place. So, let me guide you on some of these must-haves, so you organize your handbag afresh if you need to.

Your Phone and Keys

This is quite obvious but let’s mention it anyway. Avoid carrying your phone in your hands or in pockets so as not to lose it. You can easily forget it on the counters at your favorite coffee place if you have it in your hands and not your purse. Make sure that you always have a spare key inside your handbag in case you lose your main key or forget it at the office.

Imagine having a hectic day at work and then getting stranded at your door in the evening. Use a different compartment in your purse to place your phone and not with everything else, same to the keys. You can also use a leather phone case to safeguard your phone before you put it inside your purse.

Your Makeup Bag

A lady should always look good, no arguing with that. You will need to touch up your makeup a few times a day, so it is only wise to bring a small makeup bag with you in your purse. Do not carry your whole makeup collection with you as you only need a few products when you are outdoors. Just pack some foundation, lipstick, and your mink lashes 25mm; in case one of your lashes falls off in the office, you can replace it. You can also pack a small mirror with you just in case.

A Bottle of Water for Hydration

Drinking water has several health benefits for you and your skin. If you want to maintain that constant glow, then hydrate girl. Ensure that you always have a water bottle with you in your purse. You can always refill it at the different water stations in your workplace.

If you are on the road, make sure you have a sizable water bottle that can last for your entire trip. It can either be a plastic or glass bottle, whichever you prefer. You can also pack a small snack for when you get hungry. Buying fast food is not always the best idea.


Always make sure that you have tissue and a pack of wipes in your handbag. They come in handy in case you have allergies, or you need to wipe down a spill in your car. Toiletries should be packed inside a separate bag before being placed in the purse. Have a pack of tampons and liners with you for hygiene. A tiny vaseline and lip balm are also good to have with you at all times. A mini perfume bottle or deodorant is also good to have with you. Do not forget to add your hand sanitizer to the mix.

Pepper Spray for Safety

You need to be able to protect yourself in case of attacks on the road. Spraying pepper spray on your attacker’s face and eyes gives you a small window of escape from dangerous situations. Ensure you have it in your purse in a separate corner where you can easily escape it. A personal safety alarm is also an excellent addition to the list of safety must-haves in your purse. Ensure that you learn how to use some of these safety items before you pack them in your handbag.

Some Form of Entertainment

One might argue that a phone is enough entertainment, but it is not for some people. Some people just own mobile phones and basically use them just for communication. If you love reading novels, you probably need to pack one or two for the road.

Especially if you are going on a long road trip or flight, reading along the way can help you relax and prevent boredom. It can even help you fight your motion sickness by distracting you from the journey. You can also bring a game to play on the road. Anything to beat boredom and make your trip more interesting.


Now that you know what to bring with you in your purse, start packing for the next office day or trip. As a lady, you should be able to literally live off your purse for a day or two. You are also likely to change your purse from day to day, so ensure that you do not forget to pack all your essentials in your new bag. Some additional items can be a pack of breath mints to keep your breath fresh and medication if you have any. A well-stocked purse saves you a lot of time and money that you would have spent buying a snack or a bottle of water.

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