Life Goes On

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget about reality.”

If you are a student of Fsc pre-medical and preparing for medical and dental college entrance test than this article is for you.

It is useless to say that admission in medical college doesn’t matter. I know it matters a lot. But life goes on. For GOD sake don’t relate your happiness with the admission in medical colleges. It is just a part of life not the whole life. Prepare well to your full and leave the rest on Allah Almighty. He is the best of all the planners.

As we all know that about number of students preparing for entry test and the number of seats in government medical colleges. There ratio is like 20 to 1 or you can say that out of twenty students only 1 will be able to get admission in the medical college of his own choice. Some other tests are MDCAT for Punjab, ETEA for Kpk and similar others for other provinces. Similarly, there is NUMS and FMDC. Here we will discuss about options.

If you are wealthy enough to afford admission in private medical colleges, go for it. After five years of no one is going to ask you either it was private or government. Learn and serve humanity. You can check whether the medical college or university is HEC recognized or not from HEC website.

Then are the studies regarding accountancy. You can go for CA, ACCA or B.COM. If talking about the comparison between ACCA and CA go for CA because it will give you chance for a better job in Pakistan. ACCA is not considered as a Pakistani degree and you have to face many problems. You can go for ACCA after CA but not for CA after ACCA. SKANS and P.A.F. are considered to be the famous institutes for accounting.

Talking about medical fields after MBBS you can go for BDS, D Pharmacy, DPT, DNT, DVM, DNS, Clinical Psychology, BS ophthalmology, BS cardiology, BS anesthesia, BS nursing and some other courses offered under Allied Health Sciences. (The list is not according to scope or any other sequence. It is just a random list). All of these courses are offered in various university and medical teaching hospitals. Better go for the career of your choice.

Now come towards the Natural sciences. You can go for bachelors and masters in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Computer Science and Environmental Science. You can go for either lectureship or in research field. Better go for the career of your choice.

Coming towards the management and administrative studies you can opt for bachelors in Economics, Management Sciences and Public Administration. If you have business mind go for it.

Then are the vast fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. It includes Applied Psychology, History, Home Economics, Islamic Studies, Mass Communication and Journalism, Political Science, International Relations, Pakistan Studies, Philosophy, Social Work, Gender Studies, Sociology, Agriculture Sciences and many more. Simply go for the career of your choice.

If you have an artistic mind go for Visual Arts and Designs, Fine arts, Graphic design, Interior design, Textile design or Fashion designing.

Here are some of the disciplines as far I know. You can search for more. Better also set a second option for. Don’t take a gap year. If you have to repeat do it along with some other course. Take admission in university and repeat the next year in summer vacations. All of these courses are offered in famous universities. Go for them from government universities rather than private universities. Work hard and leave the rest on Allah.

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”

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Wafa Naz Written by:

The writer is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism at Institution of Communication Studies, Punjab University Lahore.