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Happy women’s day to the society who actually forgets the original status. Pakistan is considered to be the one of the dangerous country for women. The number of different victims is abundant here. Many of the rape victims, honor killing victims, acid attack victims, kari victims and other such king of cases gone unreported. Number of forced and child marriages are in great number here. Most of the time society considers it the fault of the woman and punishes her without even trying to find a reason.

The Constitution of Pakistan recognizes equality between men and women (Art. 25(2) states “There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex”) (Wikipedia). There are most of the organizations that are working in Pakistan for equal rights of men and women in society. They have labeled it with the name of so called feminism.

It is like a paradox that a country where several people talk about equal rights and other kind of things is the same country where the ratio of domestic violence, forced marriages, rape, vigilante justice, acid attacks, mutilations and many such acts performed with impunity due to the Hudood Ordinance and “honor” killings which are supported in rural areas are great in number.

On 8th of March every year in Pakistan we campaign about equal rights and slogan of feminism. Women are not meant to be treated this badly. Here the point is we should give due rights to women in every aspect of life. They are human beings and both men and women are from same species. But unfortunately they are considered to be separate beings. Most of the parents don’t allow their daughters to study or do whatever they do because they are girls. Most of the time society doesn’t allow girls to fulfil their dreams because of their gender. Feminism is not the name of equal rights but legal rights which a girl deserves.

We are living in a patriarchal society where a girl has to obey her father, her brother, her husband, her son and unfortunately every men of the community. The point here is that we should give her some personal space so that she may take her decisions. We should tell her about good and bad. But not to implement our own decisions to her. The women in Pakistan are isolated from mainstream society.

According to a survey most of the girls are forced to marriage here. The Qur’an, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over the course of years, provided guidance to the Islamic community and modified existing customs in Arab society. From 610 and 661, known as the early reforms under Islam, the Qur’an introduced fundamental reforms to customary law and introduced rights for women in marriage, divorce, and inheritance. By providing that the wife, not her family, would receive a dowry from the husband, which she could administer as her personal property, the Qur’an made women a legal party to the marriage contract. (Daily Times)

In recent years we may have seen some of the legal rights given to women but still some of them have become synonymous with the struggle of women for their fundamental rights Mukhtara Mai, Malala Yousaf Zai, etc.

وجود زن سے ھے تصویر کائنات میں رنگ

Everything has its positive and negative side. Even in more conservative areas and support for girls’ higher education is also on the rise. At the same time, antediluvian notions of ‘honor’ continue to prevail and suppress women. All we need is to give women space in society so that some cruel acts should be ban and women will serve this country more wisely and bravely.

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The writer is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism at Institution of Communication Studies, Punjab University Lahore.