Kill your ‘will to sin’

When you think of goodness, do trace its consequences (For instance, if I do goodness, it will make me pure, humble and pious).
But whenever you think of evil or bad idea, it will always be followed by fear of consequences.
You need to tug your mind right away to make such evil ideas vivid and then replaced it by a new one, because if that idea stays for another second, your mind will not only estimate the consequences but also look for the excuse to end the fear of doing sin. After finding the false and appeasing excuses, it will compel you to commit that sin. Now, whether you want to deny that thought or not. It is going to be too late. You are now a slave, chained by these false excuses, to that thought. It will urge you to commit sin by forcing you through your feelings, emotions and desires.
Then you would have only two choices: either commit the sin which would be very easy or end this shit by strangling your desires, smothering your emotions and breaking the chains of these false excuses by will-power. But it needs guts. If you have succeeded in avoiding it then game does not over here. That thought will rebut you again and again but you will be unharmed as long as you avoid it.
Kill it…Yes! You can… There’s still goodness in you… Yes! You can…

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