Utterance on Miss Asma’s death

A pathetic situation erupted on Pakistani social media, after the death of a brave lady of the legal fraternity. The lady, who courageously put up with the odd situations, Miss Asma Jahangir, who first time got fame in her legal career by defending her father case. The case named as Asma Jilani v/s The state, this case has now become the part of legal studies in Pakistan.

Apart from reckoning as a well known legal entity, she was an earnest human right activist and also had splendid political accumen. She incessantly struggled for human rights; especially for women rights. She had been a beacon of hope for women. Oftenly, she was seen on the different global and regional forums, speaking on different issues related to politics and society.

Her endeavours for democracy were also very remarkable. She had shown her resentment against the dictators, and got imprisonment in her youth. Similarly, her struggle for the independence of judiciary was also a milestone event of her career.

But her after death story was very dismal and drastic, the conservatives have girded up their loins, to prove her infidel. They are using the religious doctrines to check people not to offer her funeral prayer. And similarly, some are trying to weight her faith.

Does people not know, only the Almighty knows the after death account. We are not authority, and don’t possess any yardstick to evaluate the other’s faith. Therefore, by giving up all these practices on social media, the nation should acknowledge her lifelong struggle for justice, equality and democracy.
The lady (late) has created a space,which can never be filled.RIP

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