The Muhammad PBUH our Holy Prophet:

The Muhammad PBUH our Holy Prophet:
May thousands of thousands blessings upon the great prophet Muhammad PBUH, the reason of his birth was the creation of this universe. The lightless coriander became resplendent upon the giant messenger of Almighty Allah’s arrival to this world. Our dearest apostle PBUH born on 12th Rabi ul Awal, 20th April 571AD in Makkah, at the time when the whole world was fallen in all kind of evils, malfunctions and corruption. People were involved in the butchery of human beings. Muhammad PBUH led the nation towards the right and successful path of this world and the Doom’s day.

Our prophet PBUH belonged to the Nobel tribe of Quraish, the Bano Hashim, Khana e kaba was under their supervision for decades, and their obligation was the patronage and other administrative tasks of the House of Allah. His grandfather Abdul Mutalib was a well-known personality of that time.

At the age of childhood our prophet PBUH faced many hurdles, miserable, arduous life, two months before his birth Father Hazrat Abdullah died.
Hazrat Halima Bibi took charge the responsibility of foster mother, then at the age of six, mother Hazrat Aminah Bibi passed away, and then two years later grandfather leaved the world letting him alone in the miserable of life.

Muhammad PBUH became very famous among the Quraish due to his honesty, called him Ameen and Sadiq.At the age of 25 married a widow Hazrat Khadija RA.
Later in the age of 40 in 610 A. Muhammad PBUH became the last messenger of Allah, and began to spread and preaching the message of Almighty Allah. The person opposed his efforts and later was forced to migrate to Madina Munawwara in 622 AD, where holy prophet PBUH within a short time stabilized a new state; from 624 AD to 630 AD the Muslims fought about 26 ghazwaat (battle) against the pagans, the polytheistic of Makkah, mostly, for the defensive purposes.

To encompass all the qualities, abilities of our prophet Muhammad PBUH ,is difficult task to write in a few pages, even thousands of pages will be insufficient to cover all the aspects of his life. I have tried to summarize few of the main attributes of holy prophet PBUH below.
A).As an ideal model for individual
B).As an ideal exemplary sample for all diplomats
C).As a typical paradigm for the pedagogue of humanity
D).As a role model for commander in Chiefs, Generals
E).As a perfect specimen of peacekeeping prophet
F).As a complete archetype for politicians, philosophers, Policy Makers, businessman and
successful entrepreneur human.
G).As a perfect example of contrivance.
I have tried to briefly elaborate the mentioned subtitles with practical examples.
The holy prophet’s (PBUH) life is an implicit norm for every human from respective and concentrative life of the philanthropies, can get principles of successful life in this and reinvests of hereafter’s lifetime.

a). As a human activists
        i).Before the prophesy, he PBUH loved his people and had been participating in every
events, battlefields fought by his tribe. He helped Poor, the people trust upon him and
was depository, due to complete affiances of the people, kept their Guardianships, soon
became so famous with trustee (Ameen) and sooth fast (Sadiq).
ii).After the prophet-hood he had dual responsibilities of his nation, to serve and provide
them full and right guidance, on the other hand to save them from straying in which they
were involved for many centuries.
iii).Universal ministering moment, our holy prophet said that “Feed the sharpest, take care
of sickened and let the detainees free “.

b).Ontology and moral prospective:
Our prophet PBUH was a full fetched pattern one can find in his whole life, an example for
the world’s lifeboat. His blessing life will show everyone in this world the pavement, the
insignias of spiritual and mass, the peace and perfect achievement.

c).Environmental cleanliness:
our holy prophet PBUH has stressed on the purification of corpus, by assigning obligations of five times prayers a day ,five times Ablutions make any one clean, protects body from various germs prevents us different kinds of diseases.
He also told us the clearness of houses, streets and surroundings. At the time when there wasn’t any concept of globe warming, told us the importance of forests, greeneries in our life and ecosystem. According to our holy prophet PBUH, the plantation of trees and forestation, is a continuous reward, benefit the environment as well as the gratuity in the Doomsday, especially when someone plants podded offsets. Some of his blessings instructions are:
i).perspicuity of the eco.
ii).Apprehensiveness of nature’ gifts

d).Civilian masterminding and citizens peace plans.
The following points were kept in mind when planning about the newly established Madina
State, because that needed much care and safeguard, the agendas were:
i).To corroborate the underpin of emigrants.
ii).To enable the Muslims’ settlement for a perfect Islamic state.
iii).To create a peaceful and trustful environment within the inhabitants of Madina and to
include the demographics of the perimeters, under control of Islamic jurisdiction.
iv).To protect the state from external invaders.
v).To develop the Madina and make that a model City.

e).For citizens.
Muhammad PBUH was not only the Chief Justice , adjudicator, primate, saint of his time but
also had an individual life in a community, always maintained equality, dispenser within the
family, neighbors, tribes. His behavior with all was on the basis of fair play and egalitarianism.

f).As a husband:
Nonetheless of his busy schedules of life, he always upheld a fair timetable daily life and for
his family. He used to visit the House of every rib in the afternoon and stayed one by one in
their chanson and asked their imperatives on daily basis. Some of his main principles about
wives were;
i).equivalence among all wives
ii).Heartened each and every life partner
iii).Admonished them about true and false
iv).ordered to preach and spread of Islamic values and message of Islam etc

g).As a father, principles of Muhammad PBUH:
As we know that our lovely prophet PBUH, also played an ideal role of father. There were
seven children of our prophet PBUH, three sons and four daughters, but the sons met their
originator in childhoods.
1).Hazrat Qasim RA was from Hazrat Khadija RA.
2).Hazrat Abdullah RA.
3).Hazrat Ibrahim RA from Mariah Qubita RA
4).Hazrat Zainab RA got married to Hazrat Abul aas RA
5).Syeda Ruqiah RA got married to Hazrat Usman RA
6).Syeda Kulsoom RA got married to Hazrat Usman RA
7).Syeddat unnisa Fatimat uz zu hrah RA married to Hazrat Ali RA.

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH educated them with full concentration with moral values, Islamic training, education disciplines, successful life, means perfectly taught them what is required for the coming humanity true guidance, and then they became the perfect mentorship of the upcoming generation. They were allowed to participate in different events, even in battlefields, could go outside their home but within the circle of Islamic values and in flayed.
Our prophet PBUH said “It is mandatory for every Muslim man and woman to learn knowledge”.

B).Mutual ascription with neighboring tribes, state, and countries:
For stronger relationship between or among different countries, it is necessary for a reciprocal diplomacy. Interrelation treaties and Nexus has been an imp factor in the ancient era similarly till now with extremely important. That’s the reason Muhammad PBUH was family and knew the significance of diplomacy for a stable, strong State.
First ambassador in Madina State was Muslima Ousee RA in 625AD, was sent towards the Jew’s tribe Banu Nazeer, to inform them about the final decision of the prophet PBUH. Similarly on different occasions various ambassadorial were sent for Islamic and military, administrative, business and trade and many other purposes. Some of them are mentioned below
i).Hazrat Dahiyyah Kalbi RA towards the Harqal, emperor of Room.
ii).Hazrat Abdullah Bin Sehmi RA towards the king Khesraw Pervaiz of Iran.
iii).Hazrat Shuja Bin Wahb Asdi RA towards Syrian monarch
iv).Hazrat Umero Bin Umia Zamree RA towards the King Najashee of Habsha.

C. Chief of Staff or Commander in Chief of his army:
Under the supervision of Muhammad PBUH Sahaba RA (Prophet Companions), fought many battles with anti States of Islam. About eighty (80) ghazwaat, in the life of Muhammad PBUH, were fought between Islamic army and idolatrous, polytheists, Jews, Christians, Atheist, fire idolaters but under the blessing commanding of holy prophet PBUH his soldiers were safe and sound in all prospects. Damages were minimum, lowest causalities due to his perfect battleship strategies.

From 624 AD to 630 AD Muslims contested many battles against the pagans, the polytheistic of Makkah, most for defensive purpose protecting resigned. Total numbers of flights (Ghazwaat) were about 26 from 2 Hijri to 9 Hijri.
The perfect and great general of all time and led the Islamic military in a safe, attacking, defensive and very precise way. The losses were negligible, martyred and the injured are countable. Total companions of prophet PBUH, who got martyred, were 259 only one captive and 127 wounded as compare to dead bodies of the anti states, which were 759 and 6564 detainees.

In all 80 Ghazwaat 1018 martyred and the loss to the enemies were much greater.
Thus it is cleared from the above figures and facts that under the command of Muhammad PBUH the Islamic army was much safe.

D).Pacifist apostle:
Muhammad PBUH was the true messenger of Peace; the following agendas will clear this point.
i).Peacemaking theism
ii).Establishing peace through the optimization of lineage
iii).Constituting of peacekeeping through parallelism
iv).Lodging of peacetime by economic justice
v).Establishing armistice through religious leniency.

Thus life of Muhammad is an ideal example for the whole humanity, can get true guidelines from the principles, and set by the last messenger of Almighty Allah.
Our prophet PBUH passed away at the age of 63 in the year 632 AD.

Genealogy of Muhammad PBUH:
Muhammad PBUH s/o Abdullah s/o Abdul Mutalib s/o Hashim
s/o Abd Munaf s/o Qussay s/o Kilab s/o Murrah s/o kàb s/o Luàyy s/o Ghalib s/o Fehr————————-> Hazrat Adam AS




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