Pak America Relationship and its impacts on Pakistan:

Pakistan and United States have been strong and weak ally and partner since October 1947 till today. American never been a true and time tested friend of Pakistan since the history, whenever there has been some key interest American show their strong interest and support towards Pakistan, after achievement their tasks and goals always adopted “use and through” policy.

In the beginning the relationship between these two, was for the economic and military assistance to Pakistan by assigning the SEATO and CENTO agreements, and then Pakistan became the second biggest receiver of economic and military support country from USA.

During the Pak Indo war 1965, 1971, American leadership gave us the clear message that they are not “a friend in need is a friend in deed”. America has never showed their strong and clear cut stance of Pakistan towards Kashmir issue, rather always used their pro Indian strategies and dual policy and remained ambiguous in their relationship and has been deciphered.

During the cold war 1979 once again the relationship was in their peak, when the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan. In Pakistan military dictatorship take root General Zia Ul Haq overthrow the Democratic government of Bhutto.

It has been the dictators, not Democratic politicians, much over persuaded by US leadership for their Military and other hidden agendas. The trained Contenders were first Mujahedeen then Taliban, this shows us that media power have been always hijacked for their agendas, used the illiterates, the Marginalized, backward areas, poor’s people from different societies were collected and trained through different centers. Then these centers became more security risks for the sovereignty of West, all is an international political game played by super power by issuing world orders since decades.

During the Zia’s reign US $8400 million economic and military assistance was told just like a “peanut” then after it was later awarded with a five years US $3.2 billion.

In 1982 to 1900 US gave $4billion to Pakistan the burgeoning was done in the hand of American senator Charlie Wilson and this was assisting for underworld clandestine military support to Mujahedeen, also backed by ISI, CIA, Saudi Arabian funds, Gulbudin Hikmatyar  was the most powerful client of ISI.

Then evacuation of soviet Union and after Establishment of Taliban Sovereignty till 1990s , withdrawal their closeness towards Pakistan, again after the world trade center incident in September 2001 show their hands and threatened to the sovereignty of Pakistan that if they are with us or with them(Taliban),again here military coup 1998 toppled the Civilian government elected prime minister Nawaz Sharif, and general Musharraf was used for this purpose and a was suitable post in the eyes of American leadership the President Bush’s agendas.

Aftermath of the 9/11 on Pakistan and our country became a strong ally of American government and the internal and foreign polices shifted toward counterterrorism, banned on all active and extremist outfits, war against terrorism and Pakistan became Frontline state and strong non member of NATO.

The results, we Pakistani faces in jobs ratios, trade and markets, devaluation of our currency, loss to infrastructure, education ratio, law and order situations and peace and life risk to citizens, drone attacks, terrorism in peak, threads inside and outside etc.
Now we will focus on the impacts of this Pak US relationship on the economy of

 US financial support to Pakistan and affects:
I). Inflation increased from 4.4℅ to 7.9℅ from 2001 to 2006
ii). Trade deficit also increase from $4.3 billion in 2006 to $8.62 billion in 2008
iii). external debt increase according to state Bank of Pakistan on June 30 2003 it stood at $ 32.46 billion June 2004, $32.93 billion And in the end of March 2009 it $50.14 billion.
iv).US huge aid was for military account not for public
v). government was unable to spent money on key social sectors health, education, irrigation road between farms and market etc
vi). Pakistan rupee lost its value 45Rs=$1 in 1990s today 100+ something else equal to American dollars.
vii). Pakistan economy suffering CA staggering loss of $10 billion
viii) Pakistan media claimed that from September 11 2001 till now about, 5000 + (will be much greater this is only a rough data) our army Jawan got martyred, 35000 Civilian lost their lives.
ix).From 2001 to 2008 US aid to Pak is $5.174 billion, according to Congressional research service report November 2008 in 5 years US classified financial transfer to Pakistan is $20 millions.
Although US huge financial support, donations, military and other economic assistance to Pakistan since decades but the loss to Pakistan economy, infrastructures, civilian, military loss, internally displaced persons(IDPs) is much more greater than the as compared to the given amount, still then we are called to do more and more making us the Scapegoats of the time.

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