How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Away with a New Partner

Planning a romantic weekend away with a new partner can seem daunting. However, with some thoughtful preparation, you can create precious memories together. Start by deciding on a cosy destination and accommodation. Then plan your itinerary, fun activities, thoughtful packing and finishing touches to make it extra special.

Decide on a Destination

One of the first things to decide when planning a romantic weekend away with a new partner is where you want to go. Consider somewhere not too far from home, around 2 hours drive at the most, so you don’t spend most of the weekend travelling. Opt for a cosy countryside retreat such as a hot tub lodge York, a quiet coastal town, or a historic city location. Do some online research together to shortlist a few options that appeal to both of your tastes. If your new partner loves the outdoors, find a place with lots of countryside walks and activities. For a foodie, choose a gastronomic getaway. Pick somewhere new and exciting to create special memories.

Book Accommodation

Once you’ve chosen your destination, look for romantic accommodation. For a weekend away, an idyllic cottage, boutique hotel or Airbnb are ideal. Check for places with lots of character, open fires, deep baths and four-poster beds to make it extra special. Read reviews to find somewhere well-reviewed for service, cleanliness and breakfast quality. Make sure to book early, as the best places get booked up. Splash out to treat your new partner to luxury, if your budget allows. Or save money by picking somewhere more basic but full of charm.

Plan Your Itinerary

To make the most of your romantic weekend, spend some time planning what you’ll do together. Book dinner reservations at a Michelin starred restaurant or intimate bistro. Reserve a couples’ spa treatment. Research local galleries, historic houses, farms, gardens or beaches to visit. Join a sightseeing tour or guided walk. Print out an itinerary to give your partner on the journey. Include plenty of free time for relaxing together at your accommodation, as well as specific plans. Strike the right balance so it’s varied but not too rushed. Most importantly, don’t fill every moment. Leave time to just be together.

Source Fun Couples Activities

As well as sightseeing and meals out, add some fun couple time. Book an afternoon tea, wine tasting or cookery class you can do together. Hire bikes and explore. Play mini golf or visit an adventure park. Plan a hike ending at a cosy country pub. Check for festivals, concerts or shows on while you’re there. Do an escape room or interactive experience. Find activities you’ll both enjoy, remember and laugh about. The shared new experiences will bring you closer.

Add Finishing Romantic Touches

Add thoughtful romantic touches to make it extra special from start to finish. Make a shared playlist for the journey. Bring a small gift like flowers or chocolates. Place some rose petals on the bed. Research the best local walks and viewpoints for admiring the scenery. Charge your camera to capture precious memories. Buy a notebook to write love notes to each other. Light candles and take relaxing baths. Say what you appreciate about each other.

Most importantly, savour every shared moment.

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