Few Options To Play Minecraft Server On Your Convince

Video games have been a timeless, fun tradition since day one. It provides kids (and families) with endless titles to lose themselves in for hours. And Minecraft has made a name for itself: since its initial release on PC (Java), it’s now online and more accessible than ever on various consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360, as well as mobile devices. While the base game already provides plenty of entertainment, such as playing alone with the standard version of this expansion, the possibilities of modding and an ever-growing number of options were Minecraft with friends to play.

It’s a challenge to take things to the next level. There are a few different ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite minecraft servers, from simply playing with others under one roof to connecting with friends living across the country and even abroad. And every multiplayer experience offers its unique advantages. Do you want to learn more about the game before diving? Here are some Minecraft resources for parents to help them understand the world of Ender Dragons and mods!

How do I play Minecraft with other people?

Kids can set up a LAN, create a private Minecraft server, play Minecraft Realms, or share the screen on their favorite console to play Minecraft with their friends.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the Java and Bedrock editions of the game provide different options for playing Minecraft with friends. While there is some overlap between the two, knowing what your child is working with allows for more accurate guidance. For starters, the Java edition of Minecraft is compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC, making it ideal for chatting with friends via computer. It’s no surprise that the Java edition is easier to use when creating Minecraft mods that require Java.

Split Screen Console Game:  

If you play Minecraft on a console, the split-screen mode allows children to play together offline without minecraft servers or having to play for realms. This feature displays a view for up to four different players, but the drawback is that players are limited to what is available on consoles and share a single screen.


When the kids have company, and everyone connects them to the same Wi-Fi, the LAN is the wise option for playing Minecraft with friends. To begin, you will need a host computer that is powerful enough to run the game while also acting as a server for others, which can be difficult. However, the LAN option excels in setup speed if you have one. Because the pool of gamers is limited to those connected to home Wi-Fi, there is an added benefit of online safety: music to any parent’s ears.

Minecraft Realms:

Another option to consider is Minecraft Realms, which is similar to renting a Mojang server so that children can play with their friends. While Realms is similar to hosting your server, it provides a much easier and more secure experience. For example, players need to create a world and then click the Create Kingdoms button to start the simple process in terms of console-setup. As a result, Realms has built-in security safeguards. Players can only connect to a Realms world with an official invitation, whereas the server described above allows anyone with the IP address to join. A realm is the best option for kids who want to play with close friends.

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