10 Creative Ways to Display and Store Wine in Your Home

For wine lovers like you, wine cellars, custom cabinets, and storage racks certainly add a “wow factor” to the living space. This deco idea provides homeowners with a creative opportunity to make a statement. You can easily express your creativity, and of course, entertain yourself and your guests.

According to HomeAdvisor, many homeowners pay about $40,000 on an average, to build a wine cellar or something like a walk-in wine cave. On the other hand, if we go on a bit lower side, custom cabinets can cost as low as $500. A storage space exclusively built for a true wine aficionado may take up an investment of $100,000 and higher

10 Creative Ideas to Display Your Wine Collection

For wine lovers, the options, sizes, and locations are countless. Below are a few unique and creative ideas if you’re planning on adding a wine display to your home.

1.    Wine Walls Are Cool

Glass-encased elegant wine displays offer a beautiful look. This option comes with an option for virtually any wall of your sweet home. Wine walls are basically defined as rows of wine bottles that are built right into a wall. This display type can be climate-controlled and dramatically lit. As a result, you get an element of style that is functional too.

2.    Understairs Wine Collection

Have you ever thought of utilizing that unused space under your staircase? It’s time now. It is another popular option for a cool wine display. Depending on your budget, the market is full of variety when it comes to designs and directions.

Ranging from wood to metal and glass, this space is ideal for displaying your wholesale champagne bottles collection.

3.    Go for Wine Racks

Wine racks are available in all shapes as well as sizes. Some basic types stand on tables, while others can be mounted on walls. Also, some options are truly works of art. In this case, the DIY options are countless as well.

One of the most favorite eye-catching do-it-yourself designs includes wooden dowels and leather rope. Sounds simple but classy, right? Incorporating reclaimed lumber, even bedsprings, old wooden milk crates, film reels, and PVC pipe are some more stunning DIY ideas.

4.    On a Bar Cart

Another creative idea is to opt for a display made of reclaimed wood (an industrial metal frame is also a good option). Layout an assortment of your favorite wine bottles and glasses to create a stylish plus functional look. It is important to ensure that your cart is on wheels. In this way, you will be able to entertain in any room across your home.

5.    On a Mounted Rack

What can be better than displaying your wine collection by hanging it from a wall-mounted rack? Now, this also ranges from simple metal pegs to elaborate wood shelving. You can easily choose either a vertical or horizontal model. All you need to do is select a unique style that suits your decor and taste.

6.    In a Hutch

Traditionally, this technique is used to display dishware. For wine lovers, a hutch is a classic piece of dining room furniture that can also be used to display your wine love.

We suggest choosing the one with plenty of space along with some open shelving. This will highlight champagne bottles and glassware. Also, you may want your hutch to have drawers and cabinets. It is really helpful for storing bar tools or other types of accessories.

7.    Go Spiral

Do you know what’s chic, modern, and unforgettable? Under-floor wine cellars that are built into a kitchen (or even any ground-floor room). This classy option often features a walk-down spiral staircase, retractable ceilings or trap doors, and special lighting.

The wine display option uses the ground in order to keep bottles at an ideal temperature. The best part is, it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

Three Pro Tips to Store Wine

Here are three simple yet pro tips for storing wine effectively at home:

●     Store at Optimum Temperature

The temperature is perhaps the most important factor as compared to all others influencing the quality of stored wine. Unsuitably warm or cold temperatures are the biggest victims of spoiling wine.

In general terms, the ideal temperature meant for long-term/short-term wine storage is somewhere around 55ºF (that is 13ºC). But this temperature can vary from wine to wine. When it comes to temperature recommendations about different wines, the ideal step is to consult the manufacturer.

●     Store Wine Bottles Horizontally

It is highly suggested to store your wine horizontally in a wine rack. This storage rule especially applies to wine bottles with corks. When you keep wine on its side, the position helps keep the cork moist. This is the key practice for long-term storage because dried-out cork causes seepage as well as premature wine aging.

As per the rule, it’s not necessary or suggested to keep screw-top wine bottles on their sides. Horizontal storage is nevertheless an efficient way to store wines for easy access as well as maximum space.

●     Store Wine in a Wine Fridge

For those who lack a wine storage space that is consistently cool, moist, and dark, a wine refrigerator is a must. It is also known as a wine cooler. Unlike a standard refrigerator, which is designed to keep your food very cold and dry, a wine cooler keeps wine between 50-60˚F (10-15˚C). Not only this but it also provides proper humidity.

If you go for a good wine fridge, it will come with a cooler setting for champagne as well. When you keep your wine in a separate wine fridge, you also prevent cross-contamination from food odors. At this point, if cost is your concern, remember: wine can be an investment. In this case, a good wine cooler is the best way to protect your favorite investment.


You see, there are countless options for wine display. You can even seek other hidden spaces at your home to place wine cellars and storage. Some of the unique hidden options can be found in the basement, crawl spaces, hallways, walk-in closets, the study, or the living room.

If you are taking on a wine display project, we recommend going into it with a specific budget in your mind. You can also consult with professionals to get a few estimates before the construction starts. Remember, it’s a fun project, so let your inner creativity out!

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