A Walk to Yourself

Life encompasses a lot many things in it and every day we wake up and start living our life and we keep on moving onto paths which we define as our work and by this, days and nights of life just keep on passing. Our lives are in very fast mode and we often don’t realize that we are changing in very fast way with the things we do in our life and decision we take and everything is just like flowing water that is just flowing in a very fast way. Let’s stop!! Let the sun rise again and this day will only be your day, you will meet only one person and that is yourself and you will ask a lot many things from yourself and you will only just listen to the people around you because today is your day.

The day you will meet yourself will be very different day, you will totally be changed, everything near you will be in a different way and you will tell yourself that really, was I like this in my life. Let’s have a walk in the past you were different your priorities were different. There was a time when you were unable to speak your name but today you can read books which have thousand names and hundreds of concepts and by realizing all this from yourself, you will really feel that you are grown up now. Now you are going everywhere by yourself and you don’t need any help of others in knowing your way. When you will reach up to this discussion with yourself than you will tell yourself that am I helping others in achieving their dreams which ones were part of my life and am I working accurately on my dream as I thought that if I will achieve my dream I will work like this and that will be the point where you will tell yourself NO.. it was not like the way you thought, now you are only working for yourself and you have become quite selfish now and now you are into the world which encompasses hate in it and there are people who don’t want you, what you really wanted to be and you will become a bit sad and quite because there are many things that literally have changed now, but it does not matter much because today was the day when you told everything to yourself and today was the day that was indeed a present.

After that day you will pick up your phone and you will call all your mates who are in the way to achieve their dreams and you will give them the lesson of hope and you will feel that now really you are doing what is really mean to you, you are helping others now and you are giving them hope that there is a light after darkness. It does not matter who we are and what we become but it really does matter that at the end of the days how many people stand with you who were once part of your hopes and you wanted to see them glowing.
We all possess something special in ourselves and the day we realizes that what is our specialty that will be the day we will start our lives in a real sense and our everyday will become a new day. Life has a silent message in it and that message is the message of hope, what we need to do is to just get up and start living that hope and we hope to believe that one day we will be at a place for which we dream for, although its very far but we always tie the knots of our life on hopes and it is indeed a true saying that hope never dies.

One day you will meet yourself again and that day will be full of emotions and you will sit for a while and tell yourself that Thank you for carrying me so far on the right way and that will be the day where you shall see the light of your dreams in the eyes of next generation.

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