Pakistani visionary leaders’ dreams gone sour

Dreams constitute an integral part of a nation as well as individuals. But ,sadly speaking, most of the dreams that Pakistan’s founding fathers saw, could never be materialized. It is very unfortune that the Quaid’s dream of making Pakistan a great nation remained utopia. His untimely death made us orphan and the nation distracted, yet, it could not ascended on its track of progress. Unluckily, earlier death of the visionary leader wreaked havoc for the nation and his dream of a welfare state faded away.

Similarly, Sir Syed’s – also supported the two nation theory for separation of the major communities of the subcontinent- motto to educate the Muslims remained still a day dream. As his biographer Graham wrote that his manifestation was” Educate, educate, educate”. Although we got independence on the notion of separate homeland yet we could never fulfilled his dream of well-educated society. However, since the birth of independent state, any government could not provide even basic needs to its youth, isn’t this violation of basic rights of the citizens. Even afterwards education system has been deteriorated in form of ghost and closed schools, different categorization in syllabus, variety in course among provinces, unavailability of teaching faculty, dearth of books and so on and so forth. No body knows that what happened to non functional schools in Pakistan, especially 40000 schools of Sindh. Undoubtedly, our education system is deeply declining.

In this modern epoch of technology, the whole globe is heading towards a smooth pace of quickness and smartness in all fields . In every sector, there is prevalence of red-tapism, specifically in judicial system. One of my friend told me that his grandfather’s pending case was in civil court procedure and the final verdict was delivered by the court after a long time of his death. Is this not funny enough? Indeed it proves that we are living in a society where justice is often, if not always, delayed. Procrastination of justice means justice denied. It very commonly believed in Pakistan that, to seek justice, we need wealth of Qaroon, age of Noah and patience of Ayub.

On the other hand, political instability remains at the apex in the country. Almost half age of the newly born state has been under military regime. It is miracle that two democratic governments have completed their tenures. However, no president of Pakistan except Asif Zardari has completed his tenure yet. More interestingly, in the whole history of the country, no Prime Minister has governed till his/her due time ever on the premiership. The story goes on, political immaturity and vendetta as well is very common in the country’s politics. As like nowadays, the opposition is strongly willing to collapse the present government. Honestly speaking, without any support of the populace they seem as rotten eggs. On the other hand, there is lack of real form of democracy and dynastic politics prevail here since the inception of the country. One can see state of dilemma and confusion everywhere.

There is brazen death of merit within the society. Khan’s vision of Pakistan and Corrupt free Pakistan remains an illusion. Recent recommendation letter of Zartaj Gul in favour of appointing her sister- Shabnam Gul- in NACTA has not only disappointed highly intelligent candidates but it has also become a root cause of hapless. On the other side, condition of the flippant institution- Sindh Public Service Commission’ is not hidden from anyone. In the same manner, leakage of papers of the most competitive exam- Central Superior Services- has created trust deficit between CSS aspirants and Federal Public Service Commission.

Last but not the least, increasing inflation has pulled the poor into quagmire of life survival but our leaders are saying that wo leader nahi hota jo U turn na ly. Even they cannot meet their basic needs how they can educate their offspring at all. Education is too far away concept for them. On the other hand, continual of load shedding of electricity and gas prove that the dreams gone sour , which Khan promised during election campaign.

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