Worship or carnage?

In last decade of blessed month of Ramadan, the Muslims all over the world observe isolation from the worldly affairs – called Etikaf- in purpose of worshiping the Creator. They get experience and solace in keeping Fast and continue bowing down before Almighty Allah for earning reward on the Day of Judgement. To follow Sunnah of the Last Prophet, they are entirely supposed to abstain from mundane affairs and spend last ten days in a mosque in order to recite the Glorious Quran, offering Salat and Nawafils. But, however, it is misfortune of our hybrid generated society to understand real purpose of Saum. Even they have not understood yet meaning of worshiping.

Few days ago, I read in a newspaper that a guy sitting in Etikaf killed another guy inside a mosque in Peshawar over a petty argument. However, Etikaf provides an opportunity to get close with God and it gives chance to get emancipation from wrath of one’s evil deeds. But, unluckily , Pakistani nation is at the crossroad of confusion and misinterpretation of the Islamic injunctions. Few people like Aman Ullah who killed a Motakif( a person who is observing Etikaf) named Sohail in a mosque are misguided and distracted because of hate inflicted by scholars. However, it is need of hour and is extremely important to teach the populace some basic injunctions of humanity. Through basic preaching, culprits who are involved in these types of criminal activities might learn any lesson from knowing few about humanity. In Islam, murdering an innocent one means murder of the whole humanity. It is fifth biggest sin in the religion. Moreover, Allah has fixed punishment for a killer- throwing him into the hell. Allah has decreed His wrath and hell fire on the person who kills a believer.

“ And whosoever kills a believer intentionally his punishment is Hell; be shall abide in it, and Allah will send His wrath on him and curse him and prepare for him a painful chastisement”.

Last Prophet (Peace be upon him) also quoted that a man continue to sound in his religion so long as he doesn’t shed blood which it is forbidden to shed. There many sayings of the prophet that gives unequivocal message of peace. So isn’t it very heart-breaking news that a believer kills another even though they both belong to the same religion. Although the both guys were worshiping at pious place and home of Allah bit yet the killer didn’t realise about significance of the place. Isn’t it the age of ignorance in which people kill other people on worldly and insignificantly gossips?

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