The United Nations – A Failed Institution

It was a day of 2015, when a small boat carrying Syrian refugees was hit by high waves of the Mediterranean Sea. A father -Abdullah Kurdi- found himself fighting with ruthless waves for saving his son who was lying his face down in the sand. Alan Kurdi was trying to reach Europe but tragic news of his death shocked the entire world and proved a human disaster. Where was the guardian of human beings- The United Nations- sleeping when the little boy was fighting for his life? There is no denying the fact that UNO is a failed organization. There are many evidences to prove it as a failed global institution. Undoubtedly, the organization has some successes in socio-economic domains but it has drastically failed in protecting humanity, preventing war, maintaining peace and cardinal relations among nations.

Palestine problem, for instance, is the most challenging issue of the globe for the UN. Unlawful shifting of Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem wreaked uproar among the populace of Palestine but the organization could do nothing for them due to world powers’ involvement. Thousands of people die every year and hundreds become homeless but the UN has become numb for them. It is commonly said that international system is anarchic and the organization has proven it.

In the same manner, after earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, UN led Nepali aid workers were blamed for spreading Cholera disease throughout the country. More than 10000 people died from the outbreak of the contagious disease. If the custodian of human beings can do what is unexpected, then who will to be believed in?

Another fiasco of the organization is infront of the world- Kashmir conflict. Many people die in every couple of weeks. Every day, many a people face wrath of merciless Indian army but their call for help goes unheard. Many mothers have lost their young sons, thousands newly married have girls become widows and hundreds of children have become orphans in this battle. Isn’t it failure of the UN? Its manifesto of saving generations couldn’t achieved yet.

In 1994, the UN tried to stop Rwandan pogrom by sending its troops but ,unfortunately, its mission proved its fiasco. The Hutus slaughtered nearly a million member of Tutsi minority. People were butchered in their homeland but the organization could do nothing for them.

Another massacre happened in Bosnia. The carnage of 8000 Muslims men at the hand of Serb forces was even a more specific failure of the UN than Rwandan crisis. In 1995, people were killed in the ‘safe zone’ arranged by the organization. Similarly, in Darfur, it is also estimated that 300,000 Sudanese civilians were killed. In Nigeria, Boko Harm- a terrorist organization- has killed 13000 people across the country.

After world war 2, the recent Congo war is considered as the deadliest event in the human history. It is also called the First World War of Africa as it directly involved 8 African nations and 25 armed groups. It is estimated that more than five million people lost their lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many become homeless. The UN spent huge funds on ending war but, unluckily, local fight still erupts frequently in the country. This is a dark spot on its emblem.

In the same way, the world is witness of a shocking rollback of human rights with the sign of regression across the globe. Leaders have pushed hate, fought against rights, ignored crime against humanity and blithely let inequality. According of a report of Amnesty International, ‘ A board on clampdown on human rights has created a more dangerous world’. Another recent report by Body Count revealed that one million people killed in Iraq since 2003, 220,000 killed in Afghanistan since war on terror and 80000 in Pakistan as the result of the US foreign policy. Has the institution power to stop America from making such policies?

Apart from that, the world has reached a nadir for human rights since last few decades whereas international system including the UN is no longer adequate to cope with. In early 2005, UN peacekeepers were accused of rape and paying for sex in the Congo- these allegations later on were admitted by the organization. Instead of saving people, military personnel were busy in this shameful activity. In a recent report of the UN, it was stated that it has reached new 70 allegations of sexual exploitation in last three months. 43 of them are related to UN military personnel. Therefore, it will be no wrong to say that the organization has failed drastically. Its mission protecting human rights seems a dream.

Last but not the least, another UN peacekeeping mission failed in 2011 in South Sudan. During an attack of government troops on a refugee camp, hundreds of people were subjected to human rights violation including murder, intimation, sexual abuse and physical torture. 73 people were killed in the incident including 24 who were under UN protection. Now it’s upto reader to decide that either UN is failed or successful organization by keeping these facts in mind.

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