Global warming: Fact or Fiction?

  Global warming has become one the most controversial issues of the world. There are two claims that make it a contested issue. One group calls it a myth and the other accepts it as a reality. Opposing the aforesaid notion, the latter one provides scientific figures and facts. Nonetheless, the first school of thought denies existence of the issue. However, there is enough evidence to prove the idea of reality and negate concept of myth. The facts provided by science can’t be taken lightly because behind every problem, there is a logic. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that global warming is a fact. 

  On contrary to the concept of reality, a few leaders including president of the United States, Mr Donald Trump, are unwilling to accept it because of economic and industrial interests. Instead of exploring any solution of the problem, they call it human mirage. According to him, it is a concocted tale. He calls it a ‘Chinese Hoax’ as American can  legged be behind.  Similarly,  Raj Shah- a White House spokesman- responded a climate change report by saying, ‘ the climate has changed and is always changing’. He is of a view that the climate will change back again very soon. In same way, president of Philippine also made fun of global warming by saying, “ There is really climate change. But who caused it? Not us.” A political pundit once tweeted, “ Global  warming? Global cooling, more like!” 

 Undoubtedly, so called global warming sceptics are getting more articulated than ever. But the omens of global warming aren’t hidden from the globe. There is troika of climate, migration and conflict. The effects of climate change go way beyond pure meteorological changes and have negative  consequences for societies worldwide. In recent years, climate change has been blamed for unrest and extensive migration. People who had been living in the same area where their ancestors lived but- in present times- they are dragooned to leave the area due to drought and increased temperatures. Owing to environmental changes, African countries have suffered a lot. The example of Ethiopian environmental displaced persons is also infront of the world. 

A report revealed that African countries are among those where climatic shocks appear to have the strongest effect on the probability of conflict. The case of Sudan, for example, is particularly important one, where two factions fight each others. Due to climate change, drought wreaked havoc for farmers and destroyed their crops entirely. Therefore, farmer class faced poverty and hunger and they fought against the other portion of people who were living happily. This caused eruption in civil war. Ultimately, the country was divided. Another report revealed, on the platform of the United Nations, that global warming has significant role in Syrian Civil War because increasing global temperature makes human behaviour conflicting. There isn’t an iota of doubt that climate change negatively affects man’s nature and behaviour indirectly- if not directly.

In the same manner, the data about rainfall reveals that there is an upward trend in global heavy rainfall. It shows that precipitation has increased. The globe has also experienced more frequent storms since recent past and present; Hurricane Katrina in the United States in 2005, Flood of 2010 in Pakistan and recent floods in the US and Iran. How can these facts be taken lightly? The nations will suffer worse- which are even less industrial and have less contribution in global warming- than the major contributors in climate change due to rapid increase in sea level. According to the UN report, the sea level would rise by 20 to 88 centimetres by the year of 2100.

In last, global warming is a reality not a myth. By keeping in mind aforementioned facts about the threatening issue, no intellectual can turn his face from reality. It is duty of every responsible inhabitant to protect his mother earth as soon as possible by contributing in curbing the issue. It is need of hour to take strong actions for her protection. Robert Forte has rightly said that the earth is only place to live in. There is hardly any doubt that human beings are very lucky to live in perfect planet.

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