Victims of terrorism or terrorists?


A terrorist belongs to no religion, however, it is extreme level and misinterpretation of the ideology adopted for gaining vested or political interests. Few weeks ago, two Mosques have been attacked at Christchurch- New Zealand- with multiple fatalities: one shooting took place in Al-Noor mosque during Friday prayers and other at the Linwood Islamic Centre. A 28 years old Australian born man, Brenton Tarrant, came live on social media and killed 49 people whose sin was to be Muslim. The incident shocked the entire globe as it was livestreamed after the attacker had apparently published a “manifesto” denouncing immigrants. Bangladesh’s cricket team were near and about to enter in the Mosque when the terrorist opened fire, but, luckily, they were able to escape from the place. Surprisingly, denouncing immigrants was the manifesto but he butchered only Muslims.

Prime minister Jacinda Arden called it one of the darkest day of ever happened in historyof the country. Yet many observers including people of colour and religious minority communities in the west- needed no official designation of the barbaric event to recognize it as an act of terror. Satirically, victims of terrorism are labelled as terrorists and militants. History is witness that no other nation or community is affected as much the Muslims have faced wrath of the ideology across the world. Although they are being murdered, slaughtered and killed yet they are labelled as terrorists ; ISIS kills them in Syria and Iraq, atrocities of Jews in Palestine are not hidden from the world, carnage of Rohingya muslims is still going on, thousands of Muslims are being killed in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and Chinese kill Muslims too. But still they are considered as terrorists. Moreover, when any white English man kills any other people ,they call them white racists or white supermist but they feel hesitant to call him a terrorist just because he does not belong to Muslim family. This hypocrisy of the international community media is unequivocally unacceptable and condemnable.

Lingering genocide of the Muslims in Palestine and IHK is not concerns of them at all ,on contrary to it, if any ordinary Muslim kills anyone is labelled as terrorist. There is no denying fact that international media plays pivotal role in building up international public opinion for Islamophobia and tarnishing real image of Islam, and it does not call terrorist- if the attacker is non Muslim. For instance, the term terrorist was removed right after when it was confirmed that the attack has been done by non Muslim. ICC, International Cricket Council, published news on Facebook official page by stating that the third test between New Zealand and Bangladesh in Christchurch has been called off following terrorist attack in the city whereas right after 30 minutes- when it was proved that the attacker was not Muslim- removed the word terrorist owing to pressure of a powerful lobby.

Interestingly, when Christian or any other people excluding the Muslim do act of violence, it is said that his mentally disturbed, white supermist and psycho-patient – they don’t call him terrorist. However , terrorism of every stripe, in every nation, must be collectively rejected using the same language of unequivocal condemnation.
How one can be a psycho patient who knows exact time of prayer, location of mosque, use of modern weapons and to make live streaming? Can any mentally disturbed person do these action in fluent way?

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