The age of proxy wars

War is an inevitable phenomenon in the world. Human history is full of such the deadliest events which destroyed human race at large scale. The Second World War was an unprecedented event in which millions of people were killed across the globe. Total war and direct fight have become an old tacit in the present modern time. The use of old techniques to kill the enemy has been decreased due to emergence of modern epoch of science and technology. Many new formulae have been introduced instead of outdated patterns of war in different new forms including proxy war that plays its pivotal role in wagging indirect fight. To avoid direct involvement in war and preserve national interest, countries are ready to fight indirect wars.

     A proxy war is a war that results when opposite side use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly while powers have sometimes used governments as proxies. However, violent non-state actors, mercenaries or other third parties are more often employed. It is hoped that these groups can strike an opponent without leading to full-scale war. For instance, after the end of WW2 major super powers didn’t involve in any major confrontation but engaged in proxy war which is supporting non-state actors to confront each other than the states getting directly involved. In other words, a proxy warfare is a conflict instigated by opposing powers which don’t fight against each other directly. Instead, they use third parties to do the fighting for them. 

     However, almost whole of the world is busy in different wars, especially in proxy wars. Recently, war in Syria is  common example of the war in which Damascus was being used as Buffer state  by powerful nations: Russia and the US. Honestly speaking, the notion of anarchy in international arena has destroyed living standard of the people due to demolition wreaked by the warrior actors. The game of win-win and becoming sole powerful has brought about nothing but only devastation in the world. Another great instance of proxy has left its furious negative impacts in Yemen, when its capital city,Sanaa, was completely wrecked. There was not only engagement of Moscow and Washington DC, but, mainly, it was also war of ideology between Tehran and Riyadh  owing to the country become victim of their battle field. 

  In the same manner, Balochistan has become hub of foreign involvement, and is centre of the world’s secret agencies. It has become hot-bed for  regional and global proxy wars. One side of the picture shows the war between two nuclear rivals: Pakistan and India. The other side portrays image of conflict between different players including Uncle Sam and China. However, Delhi wants to destabilise Islamabad  as she can divert Pakistan’s focus from CPEC towards its internal affairs. Similarly, rival of China, America, never wants to provide any economic hub by which Beijing can boost up its economy so fast. Therefore, the US supports India to create barriers against the project. They both, India and the US, have shared interest of creating insurgency in Pakistan which is the gateway of economic centre for China. So, they do more conspiracies against Islamabad. 

In last, proxy war is the brutal form of war and politics where small grains of wheat are being converted into flour. The war can be avoided through bilateral agreements and negotiations between the neighbours. There is dire need of hour to live peacefully in the world by maintaining good ties with one another.

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