Author: Feriduddin Aydın


The writer Feriduddin AYDIN, born in Mush Eastern Turkey in 1945, He is the 35th descended from the Hashemite dynasty, which is continuing from Hasan ben Ali. The ancestors were settled in Siirt by immigrating from Baghdad, the capital of Abbasids upon the attack of the Mongols in 1258.

The author has received a good and multi-faceted education in both Turkish and Arabic, each of which is his mother's language according to the tradition of his family, which for centuries inherited knowledge as a heritage. The author has gained a great deal of knowledge thanks to the foreign languages he has mastered as he is multilingual and has benefited from the experiences he has experienced since his life. Has conducted various researches on the impact of collapse and corruption in religion, language and ethics during the last century in Turkey. His works were written in Arabic and Turkish. One of his most famous researches is a work called "The Naqshbandi Method Between Its Past and Its Present", written in Arabic and published on the Internet.