Top Hacks to Open a Jammed Vape Device Tank

If your vape device tank jams, are you going to smash it? Well, this could be the thought of many people, particularly those who do not know how to go about it. Vape device tanks are not very cheap and need to be handled with utmost care to avoid going back to the shop every now and then. The tank can get jammed at any time, which can be frustrating when you want to enjoy your favorite e-juice.

This article will help you with the best tips you can use to remove a jammed vape device tank without damaging it. It will be invaluable to you.

What Causes the Vape Device Tank to Jam

There are a couple of things that may cause the vape tank to get stuck. Here is what experts say:

  • Friction – The friction between the screwing part of the tank and the O-rings is the main cause. When you screw the tank tightly, you may have difficulties removing it later.
  • Rusty parts – Some vaping devices are made of metallic chassis and rust could develop around the part that screws in the tank. This happens faster if there is a leak in the tank or the device is exposed to moisture.
  • Contraction and expansion – If your vape device overheats during the use, the chassis and other parts could be having unnecessary expansion and contraction, which might make the tank get stuck during the removal.

Opening a Jammed Vape Device Tank

Now that you know various causes, the first thing to do is to examine the tank carefully to find out what is jamming it. What is not recommended is forcing it open no matter how much and fast you desire to enjoy your favorite ejuice vapor. Tanks have movable parts that could be destroyed if it is forced in the wrong way. Take some time to understand what the problem might be.

  • Get a firm grip – A firm grip on the right part is a perfect solution. Sometimes, this is all that is needed. But one has to be sure of the stuck part and the right direction to move it. Rubber and leather gloves certainly help, especially if there is a leak that makes the glass tank slippery.
  • WD-40 – For many years, this solution has been used to clean rust from surfaces. If you are sure that that your vape device tank has developed rust on the screwing part, you can give it a little spray of WD-40 and then try to open it after a few minutes.
  • Vape band – This is an accessory that is bought to open vape tanks with ease. It is portable and you can keep it in your vape accessory bag. Follow the instructions for use and you will be amazed by how fast it will offer solutions for you.


Dealing with a jammed vape tank is not only easy but efficient when you have the right information. These insights are invaluable for all vapers since they need to change the vape tanks regularly. If I were you, I would take them seriously.

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