5 Software Tools to Help University Students with Assignments

Read on the five must-have software tools that every university student needs to hold access for efficiently and effectively completing their assignments.


This software tool is best suited for the university students when they take significant notes and tend to mark important material for the making of assignments. It is one of the best tool that can used on any operating device or even on smartphones. It also serves your storage needs by allowing you to save documents or work files. OneNote is a must-have educational software tool for all the college and university students. It provides options for multiple notebooks and great for increasing your productivity during assignment making. It has a cloud-based structure and proposes customized solutions for your needs.

Soda PDF

This multi-purpose tool is available online for free so that university students can easily gain access to reliable PDF software to meet all their portable documenting formatting needs. This software offers plenty of viable tools, for instance, convert to PDF, convert from PDF, view and edit the document, manage PDF files, sign and secure the PDF file, convert image, etc. All these tools are available online to help you with PDF documents and later download or save them in your laptop/system. With sodapdf, the students can now convert word doc into a PDF file with accuracy and speed. This feature helps them to submit their assignment professionally.


This is one of the best software tool to bridge a gap between students and teachers. This educational software provides unlimited storage space to both the parties. Edmodo is ideal to integrate with other office tools like MS Word. University professors share their ideas and lessons on it, and it’s a great way to indulge students in healthy discussion while sitting in the bedroom. With Edmodo, students can also contact professor to ask queries and clear confusions on the projects assigned by him. Thus, it’s an excellent tool to promote collaboration and connection between teachers and students. Interestingly, the Edmodo also offers a feature of ‘parental access’ to help parents track their children’ educational performances.

TheSage Dictionary

You probably face meaning or vocabulary related challenges while searching the material online and making the assignment on a topic specified by your university professor. This software tool is must-have tool on your fingertips to resolve dictionary-related matters. It’s a comprehensive, multi-faceted, and an easy-to-use English dictionary. TheSage encompasses 210,000+ definitions, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, and much more. You can even do the phonetic, wildcard, and use the application as a rhyme assistant. It works well on numerous operating devices.


Ted-Ed is a practicable tool that works amazingly to provide educational platform to university students. With this software, students are now able to access and gain knowledge on any topic. Ted-Ed is full of educational lessons with the partnership of student bodies, educators, university professors, and animators-that efforts to help students with their assignments. So, the students who are searching to extract good ideas and expand knowledge on the specific topic assigned by the professors, they can certainly consider this tool. Even the TED-Ed website is also available online to help you gain access to information and ease your learning process.

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