Trees are the basic and huge resource of oxygen gas which mandatory for humans as well as have key point in different aspects in human life. Forests also helpful to reduce temperature and floods. It also has the major role to reduce Land sliding.

But due some strange reasons forests are being removed which are impacting on atmosphere. Global warming is the major cause of forests removal. Trees, which are not human friendly make their roots and become cause of water shortage. It becomes the reasons of highly dangerous floods of the history. Glaciers are melting due to temperature. Western side of globe is suffering with historic floods which ruin the human life intensively.

If the world did not apt the measures in perspective of climate change, world may suffer more badly. As recently in Australia, we have seen the fire situation in forest which lambasted the forest-lives badly. About 40 Million animals had burnt in the incident. If we did not pay attentions towards this major problem which is directly affected human life in different prospective.

Sir! This is the time to make worldwide awareness movements. Climate change problem is not suffered the one or two countries although its affects are across the globe and has to be apt Special measures by paying special attentions towards the serious issue. I hope world will help-out more to initiate worldwide drive to highlight this danger.

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