Non Democratic transit to Fascism

The ideology of Aryan Germans had evil roots in literatures of wonderful writers of the history as Friedrich Nietzsche’s, “exceptional individual” the Ubermesch, [“superman”] over all universal law and rules, (1844-1900), Frederich William (1688-1740), Frederich the Great (1712-1768) and Otto von Bismarch (1815-1898) who also akin to Nietzche,s said, “the militant spirit and discipline of the Prussian army as the model for all individual and civic life”. An ideology of self-identification over masses is the inherent function of every human being scrimmages for power as an individual but in far-reaching case, these individual becomes ethno-centric. Further all-encompassing, these ethno-centric, joins National and an extensive ethnicity among all other marginalize themselves where Aryan or Nordic master race as Darwin pose it, rose that also spelled Nazism in full National Socialism, German Nationalsozialismus, a full scale totalitarian movement led by Adolf Hitler, (April 20, 1889-April 301945); who joint army on September 1919. Besides it, he got membership of the ‘German Worker Party’ DAP later got fame as Nazis. Adolf Hitler who was a fresh junior joint German army, by the time Germans were in friction, huge burden due to the First World War, in the treatise of Versailles Germany was oblige to pay some amount of their economy accommodation which was promised in the treaty which end the devastative first world war. Coming onwards, it was obvious Germany suffered not only their people massacred, killed, paralyzed aside with it economy and importantly, rationality of market and realities to approach influential product by means of industrialization in different aspects of society and modernity but revive by the help of their people honesty and virtues attitudes as common devastating equal to all and the real meaning of social unity was in one aspect in Germany at that time. Socialism seeds manifested in every aspects of the German societies look deepened relationship of state and society since majority was aware of the whole German as single organ. By looking with idea of cooperation equity to their state, the society played significance role to assist and sort out from the deepened well if we look it by this obstacle that comes true neither Nationalism praising a single race among the mass nor was it Fascism to act voraciously and unconsciously act and their function was not severe or awkward as violence, brutal and pride over others. Crucial situation makes innovation in different aspects of life same did with Germany an unknown comes to mirror, becomes head of the National Socialist German Workers, what latter stretched him to very extreme from both aspects, right and left is the matter of meditation to know world politics and connecting dotes from different corners and make own policy for own people and country by strong structures and functions.

The National Socialist German Worker

Political party of mass movement in NSDAP founded by Antone Drexler on 24 of February 1920 had only three mentor: Anton Drexler, Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler. From initial stage till it’s dissolving and non-legitimate announcement on 10 October 1945 ran by aforementioned characters. Party that pioneered and supported the idea of National Socialism was also known as German worker Party at initial stage even in 1919 that existed according to some researchers which was headquartered in Munich Germany. Initially there was another party that existed and fought against the U.S.S.R; in between quarter half of world war one as they were equipped acted as paramilitary group against U.S.S.R. Nazi Broader plan was to marginalize other races such as: Jews, Romani’s, Poles, Slavs. And Africans and strengthen the Germanic people that were considered the superior Aryan master race by racial purity and originality among other races. Nazis not physically tortured but also handicapped other races and segregated homosexuals Jehovah’s and their opponents that emerged as a one party system and diminishes the idea of the democracy in whole thoroughly. People were massacred and the climax of persecution got in its high devastate which never the world witnessed before in the history of human life. However, folks existed but have had not the idea of mass massacre which is only possible by the means of industrialization only which shows the era of industrial growth and struggle among big powers for superiority to rule the world by industrial means and rapid growth as Britain at a time had seen possible upraise near the to the attached border close to sea, France and their skepticism was right enough in that aspects. Phase of the party completely shifted to a new and uncouth while danger at inviting the enemies upon it was Adolf Hitler the party’s leader wince 1921 and now appointed Chancellor of Germany selected by Paul von Hindenburg on 30 January 33 who continuously rapid the towards totalitarian regime that was known as Third Reich. Before Hitler rule as a chancellor the party had 25-points programed” which was also known as 25 point plan party of Social Workers even then, when Hitler got over party until both Hitler and the party disillusionment in 1945. World War one as it’s called the era of denazification of Europe which was thoroughly destroyed by allied powers after the Great depression in Europe specifically upon Germany.

Transition from Democratic socialism

Transition from democratic socialism occurred in post era of world war one when that slowly and gradually taking stages but in Hitler era as a chancellor filled the vacuum by the time. Hitler started Nationalism at initial who had skepticisms, scared of industrial capitalist Britain. According to him Britain was un-authentic who never in his view credited and had always acted doubtful in issues related to them; Hitler Nationalism started by banning the first stages of Democratic phase of liberty to be opponent of his rule and his party which became one party system among other which were announced illegal to run any party onward by chancellor in his few starting speeches he transit masses opinion. Hitler at his time shifted his ideas from nationalism to Ultra-nationalism, brutal acting, tyrannical and totalitarian; grasp over whole media and silenced voices of their opponents whether it was pamphlet on the wall or broadcast through radio and banned news-paper in all over Germany indeed obliged them to act as nationalist by praising their races and the rule of government justifiable. Tyrannical acts of Hitler occurred to change the whole realm of social, economic and political by coercion and applying force over the masse by cursively applying these:

  • Banned political parties                       Banned election
  • Silenced voices                                     Banned media voices against state
  • Executed opponents                            Announced one party role     
  • Superiority over other races  Totalitarian government 
  • Masses conversion

Initial stages of Propaganda in favor of government started and the masses converted. Government had representative in different areas to propagate in government favor later on took another stage through media and reach masses easily. Literature played amazing role to convert people mind to be superior Aryan race by distributing books and abandoning an authorized books socially. 

  • Media curtailed

The government had applied another to tool to curtail masses easily through media over reaching in seconds. Run programs of state interests telecast state concerning benefit only instead of awareness and entertainment which is the real job of the media and it was curtailed which is completely against Democratic phase that gives people liberty to think, aware people through social media as it was common at that, distributing of magazine and daily newspaper but now states own ideas and own policies would be seen in any newspaper instead of critics and disobediences.

  • Hitler charisma

Adolf Hitler though was pride of the Aryan race known as tyrannical and brutal character had the charisma to influence masses in his single speeches by referring their people as originally superior over the whole world by their race and had converted people and recruited them in army in mass scale for the great world war.

Ultra-Nationalism Fascism

Conditions in democracy:

Authoritarian regimes bans all seeds of democracy from its roots. Runs one party instead of participation of different parties. Transition of elites from democracy to nationalism occurred at very basic stages. State institutions usually are non-democracy but those states which have tendency towards democracy will start their procedure to change since the whole system was under the authoritarian rule, it was impossible to promote democratic values. National unity suites every state, but it was the opposite virgin, as an alternative Hitler used the unity in favor by propaganda of their race and norms of Germans. National wealth of every state differs, when it is the matter of material well, obviously it is possible for wealthier states as German at a time since the have opposite view, feeling under burdens of Britain paying unhealthy wages they betrayed and national wealth instead of recruiting their youth in different industrial whether private or state sponsored but it never happened. The prerequisite to have democratic state is having high support of elites and middle class, nevertheless both suppressed and curtailed as it was in Germany, states own citizen participation and a democratic culture plays game changing role; in this segment we need liberty to be part of the decision making individual when we ballot to vote and liberty to participate due to the burden people didn’t courage to demand their right to participation for their future and own well. Every state tries to educate their people so did the Germans but site by site they need freedom and when they do not have freedom their ideas and understanding would be under the vernacular of state which means being slave which does not even mean being educated but remoted and dis-informed intentionally. Lastly we need a favorable International environment which at a time was Hitler who never accepted others states curiosity desire to shift Germans from the crucial significance danger of world industrial colonial Britain tackle in response, Germany never backed but responded badly and Germany could had convince masses and applied his fascismochos ideas over people aforementioned and shifted from nationalism by committing genocide which is famous as holocaust of the history till now.

Twentieth, first a half century had gone harsh with experiencing two of the world’s harsh sparkle evil world wars, one and two that witnessed the most devastative and brutal massacres from all over the world committed by west powers beneath temptation or owning to gain power and rule over the masses of world by means of material and market unfortunate desire to shift into material sources had remained intrigue tell now and most of world’s unfortunate current and may remain same for short or long periods tell some shift of market from capitalism into some other ideology to lead the world. Britain struggles to remain over world market as superior as no power remained before in the history, divergent to her, were new germinate industrial Germany and France to the verge; had dreams to become world power since they needed raw material to produce. Naturally, every producer needs raw material in order to produce, besides it Britain had temptation to gain power over Europe, middle eastern and Asian to dig out some raw material and made them all their own market customers as her plans went same; the whole Europe besides to it Turkey caliphate rule after world war one went off from superior among Muslim community and same idea once or sparkled in middle east and south Asia but silenced by puppet characters, some became famous as Gandhi the other became popular as Arabs and Britain tell world war two ruled, shifted other states as Germany to bad systems of governance to the extreme left due to their burdens hopefully Germany had gone off with some unfortunate crucial time and now has revived due to their masses awareness and political culture but then again, I would say Britain had got over subcontinent both India and Pakistan if not producer of raw material but literature under the gorgon of previous colonial though those epochs had fade away to which now we must rethink about our own culture instead of considering English speaker superior among our own people and societies to put an end by real meaning the whole idea of one race and origin with a specific language as was Hitler wrong doer same is the their literature to be stopped.

States fight for self-identification most of the time, some go harsh while other acts in extreme to obtain which becomes as extreme as Adolf Hitler and becomes fascist and if some obtain it in today’s world, they would possibly define their ends to be justified as it is state in the Niccolo Machiavelli book the prince “the ends justifies the means,”.

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