paradox of choice

This will be an analysis about paradox of choice. I will explain how to make meaningful choices that’s why I chose a video to explain what it is :

Chosen video:

When I started writing this paper, I came across a lot of videos to confuse me. I had to make a choice from so many options to customize the location. Even though the main title of the topic is certain, I had to find the best or “good” example. “The good” concept that is mentioned in the topic represents “the best” for me. I had to find what the best example for me. Then I realised of my readings, according to them, it is almost impossible to choose from so many options because the data for a decision in any given situation is limitless. The first thing to do is to reduce expectations and direct them. From another perspective, not being able to choose is kind of a lack of self-confidence because if we cannot trust ourselves, we can make mistakes easily so we need to get rid of it. We can also realise that the choice is to focus on making decisions. When we make a decision, we have a great deal of anxiety about them.

The video is a part from a film, Mr. Nobody. The film is about the choices we make in life and how our decisions may have an impact on us. Actually, our purposes in life is to find the right answer. We are actually drifting into a paradox when we are looking for the right answer. The film covers the topics of freedom, love, incest, death and string theory from psychology. It presents the impossibility of choice and focuses on to escape the making decisions. Actually, I like the part of the film that is to explain what is paradox of choice but I don’t support that to do nothing and do not move. I find an example to explain this situation, marriage is a promise or it is a choice to promise for someone. “It is a commitment that you will stay with your spouse for the rest of your lives. When you make a long-term commitment, you choose a life on behalf of a future self who isn’t you (Werbeloff)”. According to this situation, it is impossible to make a promise on behalf of someone else. And with enough time, your future self is not you. So, it is impossible to make a long-term commitment. This example can explain the paradox of choice. However, according to another film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind refutes this impossible theory because in the future, we can get angry for the luck/ chance that we didn’t get give ourselves in youth. In this film, the woman is deleted her love and all the history with him from her memory. And then, she crosses her path again with the man and falls in love with him again. In this scene/ the video I chose (Mr. Nobody), the old man says, “every path is the right path.” Also, he added, “we cannot go back that’s why it’s hard to choose. You have to make the right choice as long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” After all, at the end of the film, the question does it even matter what choice or direction we choose.

My conclusion is each way has different individuality, but all ways have their own greats, no regret, live hard. From an article, “You’re repeatedly saddled with situations that a prior version of you (who isn’t you) chose on your behalf, and you do the best you can with the situation you’ve got (Werbeloff).”


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