The Micro Killers and the Hidden War

Bacteria are microorganisms which live anywhere, There are useful bacteria like bacteria flora in our GIT system, There is harmful bacteria which cause infectious diseases (H.pylori, Staph aureus, . . etc), We are in a war with those strangers, Our weapon is Antibiotics (Ab) , everyday we develop and enhance the power of our weapon, There is Microlids Ab like Aminoglycoside there is penicillin, Cephalosporins (3rd & 4th generations).

This is a historical war whose victims was millions of human, We fight the infectious bacteria with everyday by inventing more powerful Ab, With achieving great results but within limits , Your question is what do you mean when you said “Within limits”?

Well let me answer your question, If you attack your enemy will he permit you to kill him? or he will resist you? Of course he will resists and has a defense, Bacteria can generate a resistance for Ab, Resistance means to have a defense mechanism against the effect of Ab, So bacteria have a new advantages and some thing like mutation and they can live within a media containing the Ab which should be killed when Ab present in this media, Everyday we invent new Ab and everyday bacteria become more resistant to the drugs due misusing of Ab, So How does resistance occur?

I will give you two examples, Imagine that you are in a war and you have a weapon and today you use a new weapon and you fight with a certain plan, If you use the same weapon and the same plan tomorrow of course your enemy will take his cautions and has a plan to stop your attack and your advantage of surprise element and your new weapon become no more effective, The same idea If patients use a strong new Ab everyday life like a routine this will make the bacteria more violent and make Ab less effective, Example if someone has Upper respiratory tract infection or common cold, Some patients without asking doctor they use Azithromycin or Augmentin Ab which is very strong Ab that is used in Pneumonia, Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) , . . etc of serious strong infectious diseases.

People should always ask doctors before using Ab, As every bacterial strain has a certain medication or drug and adequate days of treatment according to culture and sensitivity, There are hundreds or even thousands of strains of bacteria, If you want to have a happy healthy life do not use Ab without asking a doctor, or we will lose this war as a lot of bacterial strains become resistant to the appropriate treatment.

Dr/ Ahmed and Rasha

Ab is our hero against Bacteria .

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Dr / Ahmed Elwahsh