The delicious damage.

Chicken are one of the most favourite food in the whole world, Majority of people love chicken, Whatever is it grilled, fried or even boiled, It is one of the richest protein involved food, Today I wont talk about its benefits, But as a doctor I would talk about a serious medical issue we faced the last 3 years.

Using oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) as a growth factor for chicken, It makes chicken larger, rapidly growth and gain more weight in few days, It seems cool ! and useful to provide a delicious meal for billions around the world, But it is so dangerous, OCPs leads to hormonal disturbance for men which affects the fertility of men and can lead to infertility.

It is not the only problem but also using Antibiotics (Ab) for chicken, Chicken which treated with Ab at least need 20 days before it can be used as a food, This Ab cannot be destroyed by heat during cooking, It is transmit to human tissue after ingestion, Which leads to disorders in GIT system and pulmonary system, Also it will cause bacterial Resistance for this types of Ab, Resistance means that bacteria will win the war against our immune system, As a doctor I would like to mention that those two serious issue can threaten families and our life in future within next 10 years.

The question is Would you eat chicken again?

Dr/ Ahmed & Rasha

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Dr / Ahmed Elwahsh