Two nation theory

Does Two Nation Theory still exist?

Some of the historians argue that the Two Nation Theory (TNT) died right after collapsing of Pakistan into two states: Bangladesh and Present Pakistan, whereas the other intellectuals say that the idea became stronger after the separation of East Pakistan. In fact, the people, announce demise of the theory, have misinterpreted real concept of it. Mainly, The nation was to get emancipation from the Hindus’ wrath in form of atrocities.

The scholar Al-Biruni (973–1048) had observed, at the beginning of the eleventh century, that Hindus and Muslims differed in all matters and habits. Afterwards many scholars described the Muslims as a separate nation; Mujdid Alf Sani known as Sheikh Ahmed Sarhandi (1564-1624 A.D) unequivocally denounced Akbar’s Din e Illahi which was created to unite different communities on single platform. In 19 the century, the Muslim self-awakening and identity was started by the Muslim modernist and reformist Syed Ahmad Khan (1817–1898). Many Pakistanis describe him as the architect of the Two-Nation Theory. However, TNT’s axiom stated that the Hindus and the Muslims cannot live together, and the both communities are two different nations from every sphere of life, therefore, the Muslims should be able to have their own separate homeland in which Islam can be practiced as the main religion of them. According to the ideology religion is the determining factor in defining the nationality.

Dhakka Fall: Death of the TNT or failure of statesmanship.
Breaking away of Bangladesh wasn’t the negation of TNT but it was due to rise of nationalism, and was the failure of statesmanship. Federation was the need of time but, unfortunately, it couldn’t be exercised properly that led to separatist movements in East Pakistan. On the other hand, lingual issue climbed at its apex which became main cause of the national unity of Pakistan. Bengali were of 56% of Pakistani population and they logically wanted Bengali to be the national language but officials always insisted on having Urdu. In the same way , there was also geographical issue. The distance between the two wings was by over a thousand of mile. In a nutshell, it was hard to control the system by government by sitting in West wing. Hence, it was an administrative flaw which resulted in the decline.

Existence of TNT in India.

Undoubtedly, TNT still exists in India where Indians muslims are being lynched, tortured, stabbed to death for ‘ singing Vande Mahtram and to abuse Islamic injunctions. They are being forcibly converted to Hinduism but the Muslims are fighting back despite all odds. In the same manner, the situation is same like that of pre-1947s and TNT wins once again in India because signs are equivocal. These kinds of action taken against the Muslims in India proved existence of the theory. Furthermore, TNT is still alive in Bangladesh which didn’t join India after its separation from Pakistan. Fall of Dhakka made the significant and strong stance by not becoming part of India.

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