The Iran deal

The political earthquake observed in the USA after Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal (P5+1), which severely jolted the international politics. If a glance is cast over the history of this deal since 2015, almost the entire world endorsed the aforementioned deal with open heart. The majority if American allies contrived their vote in the favor of this deal. However, Trump tear up this notorious deal and carried out the narrative of his republican base, without even taking into account the blatant response from Iran which could bring the entire world on the brink of nuclear catastrophe.

A CNN report which outlined that around 62.5% The USA population have supported the Iran Nuclear Deal and 28% casted their vote against this deal. The significant statistic which unveils the reality of Trump’s decision is that nearly 51% of Republicans, re[resenting Trump’s power base, remained firmly against this deal.

A practical and rational analysis of the decision raises a question that if deal with Iran to forgo its nuclear designs has failed to yield desirable results, than what would be the way to rampart Iran’s nuclear ambitions and barricade the damming indictment?  Ostensibly, Iran was strictly compliance with deal. The opinion of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) the five signatories of the deal and even the American officials were deeply satisfied with deal. The US media also expressed uncertainty that the Trump did not chalk out the way forward or indication of any further deal to repair this aggravating conundrum.

On the other hand, Trump strongly opposed the Iran’s anti-peace and suffocating maneuvers in Middle East. He strongly lashed out on Iranian regime of severe economic and diplomatic isolation in the region.

Pursuing this further, it would be entirely misapprehension to consider Trump’s move irrelevant and baseless. Though, Trump lack professionalism, intelligence and hardly amplifies political exposure yet he has clear view point what is doing. His hostile decisions and strategies clearly bring out his nefarious intensions to change the ongoing regime in Iran. He has appointed John Bolton his National Security Adviser (NSA), who was enduring to bring the regime change in Iran for many years. Mike Pompeo, the former head of CIA and current secretary of state of Trump administration is also considered to be Iran hawk.

To further flood the already versatile situation, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the staunch opponent of Iran have strong lobbied the USA to become fierce against Iran and bring itself out from Iran-Nuclear deal. Not only this, Trump has some other reasons as well to drew the USA out from P5+1 deal. These objections include the credibility of this deal which has failed to limit Iran’s Ballistic Missiles Capabilities. And Iran’s alleged role of provide economic assistance and military support to perceived enemies of the USA particularly to Bashar Al Assad and Hezboolah.

Moreover, Trump has also made a baseless argument in his speech that American cities are directly under the scourge of Iranian missiles. Never mind but no Iranian culpably involved in any terrorist attack on American land. Here the Trump’s strategy is to trap the American public In the misconception that Iranian government is preparing to attack the USA, that, off course will be considered a national suicide.

By tracing the historical facts which reveals that the USA has the worst experience of regime change. The spate of violence and troubled relations between Iran and the USA started when the latter played subservient role in bringing down the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mossadegh for the sake of nationalizing the oil industry in 1950’s. More pathetically, the recent record has portrayed even worse picture of failure and political destruction.

The political venture of America in Afghanistan is a complete mess and adumbrated the complete and acute failure of the former in this unplanned expedition. The USA embark in Iraq has no different story. The story of Libyan expedition unveils that the USA has sent the country on the verge of destruction and collapse, with Gaddafi’s son Saif now planning to contest the upcoming elections in 2018 along with harsh realities of his father’s memories. Last but not least, the USA attemted to change the regime in Syria (pioneered by Obama) has brought the severe difficulties and problems for the country. Therefore, despite being mindful of such harsh failures, which Trump is entirely enlightened regarding these ‘Stupid wars’ in Middle East then why he is interested to indulge in a dispute with Iran?

The is no denying the impression, that Trump has never agreed to carry on Iran nuclear deal and wanted to exterminate all policies and aspects of Obama administration, but his uncalculated and unilateral decisions can harbor the wave of dangerous repercussions for the entire world. The international community especially UNO has closed the eyes and extended a deaf ear and are not paying the due heed to resolve the damming indictment which has become a matter of grave concern and worry for every state.



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