Trump’s Failure in Helsinki Summit

To best define the summit in one appropriate sentence is “Russia First”. This was the end result of Trump-Putin one-on-one meeting and discussion for almost five consecutive hours. However, unfortunately, in post-summit conference, both the leaders were seen almost blank to tell the world a single tangible point which could be drawn from their meeting which could positively affect the global peace and security. There is no denying the impression worldwide, that this agenda-less meeting was a complete fiasco for Trump; which has badly dent his global prestige.

However, the summit proves to be blessing for the Putin as he succeeded to weaken Trump in his home ground. An interesting thing which global analysts are discussing is that before, during and after the summit, Trump has been amazingly seen advocating and defending Russians and Putin. He blamed his predecessors and establishment of the USA for all the troubles and issues between Washington and Moscow.

Trump’s Tweet, “our relationship with Russia has never been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity, and now the Rigged Witch Hunt” before couple of hours from summit brought out his close allegiance towards Moscow. Notwithstanding, Putin ‘reciprocated’ this welcome tweet by coming 35 minutes late in the conference room and trump was kept cooling his heels. But, Trump ignored the deliberate delay and egoistic behavior of Putin and extended his cordial facial gesture. On a lighter note, if any European leader has done the same thing, Trump would have declared it “international insult” and walked out from the summit in rage.

It is now an open secret that Trump wants to build friendly relations with Russia from his campaign days. Despite the advices of top national security advisers and Trump’s close aides to cancel his summit, he not only attended the meeting but also declared it as deeply productive session for both the states.   Though, there is no such matter is discussed and no deliberate actions is called which could be worth-mentioning in global perspective, yet the leaders of the both countries termed as  “success”.

Now the question arises that why trump is showing great affiliation with Putin, especially when corridor of Capitol Hill are strongly opposing the notion adopted by the notorious US president. The answer for this question can be traced through the undiplomatic and arrogant political gesture of Trump in deal makings. Trump’s decisions regarding world affairs have proved that he see no difference in managing business affairs and running the most powerful country of the world. His bullying and impulsive tendencies in decision making are dominating every sphere of his management affairs. In summary, a fact can be established that Trump is taken 180 degree u-turn from his predecessors policies and style of their managing world affairs. Trump has taken opposite line in dealing crucial issue, such as, unlike his predecessor Barak Obama; the former has pushed away the former European allies and strengthen the relations with kremlin (Russia).

All these unstable and illogical decisions of Trump have infuriated anger in the power houses of American anti-Moscow establishment. These policies and decisions are taken only bring change in American foreign policy. Trump is working with eager and fervor to change the US anti-Russia module of foreign policy – which is no doubt a risky venture for him.

Ever since the entry of Donald Trump in the White House, he have taken measures to develop cordial relations with autocrats and dictators like Rodrigo Duterte, Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and adopted his “Special Bond” with them. His person liking and tendencies towards these totalitarians have changed the pitch of his foreign policy to a great extent- Russia lays in the first line and in the good books of Trump. The professional style of Trump- arrogant cum dictator like- does no leave room for surprise to him favoring his like-minded autocrats.

The execution of rollercoaster diplomacy by Trump is challenging the stability of existing global power equation. The Helsinki summit has germinated a loud noise in the international politics and topic has become the hot potato for the news channels and printed media. To cut it short, the summit has left three significant questions to be addressed.

First, what are the reasons for which Trump has initiated this melodrama at a time when Russia is being labeled for meddling the election process? Secondly, what are the positives for Americans out of Trump’s unilaterally arranging this summit? Thirdly, question arises that how Trump manages the post summit scenario, especially after the strong resistance from anti-Russia lobby in the US, which is apparently against the Trump to start a process of rapprochement with the Moscow on its own terms and conditions.

Therefore, Trump is all alone in his campaign to bring a rapprochement between the two cold war enemies. There are very little chances for his bullying policies and strategy to with laurels in the near future as he will face staunch opposition from the anti-Russia elements. The American established which has barricaded the Trump’s notion of altering foreign policy towards Moscow has strong support from American intelligentsia and media, which are the most important pillars for decision making in the USA. Thus, in the near future, Trump will lick the dust in this regard if he has not taken certain needed measures to safeguard his dangerous and hilly long drive towards Russia.


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