Kashmir a fight of freedom

Kashmir was one of the Princely States at the time of Indo-Pak partition, which had to decide their fate by the quantum of masses or the decisions of their rulers. Partition completed, but its fate is not still determined. It is an apple of discord between Pakistan and India. Difference of status quos and hawkish elements in both countries are busy to linger this issue.
Kashmir is the northernmost region of the subcontinent. This erstwhile princely state of British India consists of four separate and distinct components, namely Gilgit -Baltistan, Ladakh, Jammu and the Kasmir valley. Two regions,Ladakh and Jammu are Indian control and would remain so because of their Buddhsit and Hindu majority, respectively. Similarly,G-B is the Muslim majority area, is and would be under control of Pakistan. But the last component the Kashmir valley which is the Muslim majority entity and occupied by India. Due to this Indian occupation, the people of this heaven have been resenting the cruelities of Indian government and indian military forces since 1947. Every kashmiri has sacrifised, atleast, one or more of his relatives for the liberation of the Valley from Indian subjugation. They have never compromised on their slogan-cum ideology__ Kashmir ho ga azad(Kashmir will get freedom). Children,women and men of any age, march infront of Indian military and all the time they chant the same slogan bravely. Their sentiments for free and self controlled Kashmir have never been defeated by the shots, curfews and cut offs. Thousands have martyred, hundreds are blinded and many more are ready to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom. But no one is serious to solve this quagmire crisis.
Regionally, India and Pakistan are not ready to solve this issue.Globally, the champions of humanism are nimbly watching the issue. And differnet forums witness only lip services by the speakers, nothing else,and so on. None is moving forward to undone the long trek of brualities.
Hence, the stakeholders of Kashmir issue, Pak&Ind must bilaterlly formulate a policy to solve this issue by taking all the possible measures. A humanitarian solution can be achieved by stripping the attire of status quos and curtailing the hawkish element on both sides. Otherwise this freedom movement might be changed into revolt and kashmir appears on the globe as an independent state.

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