Religion and Terrorism

Muslim world is bewildering with some issues regarding to its character on international level, especially when it is titled as a “Terrorist”.

Here is a myth about this titling, is The Muslim only are responsible for terrorism, is it not right to shift some burden on the shoulder of some World elites, who off and on tried to manipulate the world by taking the sides of some religiously fanatic people. These fanatics are not limited to only one religion. There are many terrorist activities had occurred in this world that were not carried out by the Muslims. In South Asia religiously misguided people slaughter the Muslims, on just eating the beaf. Similarly, violence erupted in the Myanmar against the Muslims is not an issue to shut the eyes. No religion in this world is preaching terrorism, every religion has specific set rules to propagate love, peace and harmony.

Religion is a source for compassion. It extinguishes the fire of terrorism not fuels it. So, now the world should take the other factors as an igniter of terrorism. A socio-economic gulf between the developed and the developing countries, mass injustices, and inequality of the states sovereign character at the UN have also some links with the terrorism.

Religion is a name of peace and disparities usher through our own misleading initiatives should be overhauled to curb the menaces of terrorism.

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Umar Hayat Written by:

I am a writer and a lawyer. My faith is to serve humanity ,to love with all living beings. Spiritual student of Rumi ,Khalil Jibran and Will Durant.